7 Metal Centerpieces Decorations For Your Summer Wedding Head Table

Are you ready to add a touch of sparkle and shine to your special day? Imagine a beautiful summer wedding, with the sun shining brightly and flowers blooming all around. Picture a magnificent head table at the center, adorned with dazzling metal centerpieces that catch the light and make everyone smile. These decorations are like little pieces of magic, carefully crafted with love and creativity to make your wedding day even more enchanting. 

Let’s dive into the world of metal centerpieces and discover how they can turn your head table into a mesmerizing masterpiece.

1. Chic Votive Candle Holder Display

At a wedding, there’s a unique table where important people sit called the head table. To make it look extra beautiful, you can decorate the table with metal candle holders and votives. 

They come in various dimensions and shapes, like circles or squares. Votives are small, cute candles that fit perfectly inside metal candle holders. They can be of different colors, like pink, blue, or gold! When you light a votive, it creates a soft, warm light that makes the table feel cozy and romantic. 

These metal candle holders and votives are put jointly in the middle of the table to make beautiful metal centerpieces. Sometimes, people also add flowers or other pretty things around the candle holders to make them even more special. 

In midsummer, when the climate is hot and sunny, these centerpieces add a magical glow to the wedding head table, like a fairy tale!

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2. Elegant Candelabras

To make the wedding head table look extra beautiful, you can use candelabras metal centerpieces.

A candelabra is a fancy candle holder with many arms that stick out like tree branches. You can put candles on the arms, and when you light them, they all glow together, making the table look elegant and bright. 

If you are looking to add some different touches to your head table, this centerpiece is a perfect idea for you. Try it out to bring fun to your wedding decor. 

3. Vigirous Floral Arrangements

To make the head table in a summer wedding a special place, you can use floral arrangements in metal vases. Floral arrangements are like bouquets made with pretty flowers. They come in various shapes and colors, like bright roses, sunflowers, and daisies. 

Metal vases can be unique urn vases or pots or cylinder vases made of shiny metal. When you combine the floral arrangements and metal containers, these metal centerpieces create a lovely decoration for the head table. The bright flowers bring joy and happiness to the wedding, while the metal containers add elegance and shine. 

Imagine sitting at the head table and seeing beautiful flowers in shiny metal containers. It would make you sense like you’re in a magical garden! The floral arrangements in metal containers bring beauty and nature to the wedding celebration.

You must try out this idea if you love to try different centerpieces. 

4. Cast Iron Couple Sculptures

In a summer wedding, the head table can be made even more special with cast iron couple sculptures.

These cast iron sculptures add a touch of modern and artistic flair to the wedding. The sculpture’s metal centerpieces make the head table look fancy and exciting. When you look at the sculptures, you can see how they reflect the light and sparkle and make you sense like you have your own little metal art gallery at the wedding!

This centerpiece idea works best if you want to go a little extra with your decoration. This centerpiece will definitely add a lot of charm to your wedding decor. 

5. Floral Stands Around the Head Table

Floral stands are like tall vases that hold beautiful flowers. They are placed around the head table at special events like weddings to make it look extra pretty. The flowers in the stands come in many colors and are arranged carefully to make the table look balanced and beautiful. 

Sometimes, there are also more miniature decorations, like ribbons or candles, placed between the floral stands to add even more charm. These stands add beauty and elegance to the occasion. 

Floral stand metal centerpieces bring nature indoors and make the table look like a garden. The flowers and plants are carefully chosen to coordinate the theme or style of the event. People love looking at them and taking pictures with them because they make the place look so pretty.

Candle metal centerpieces
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6. Rustic Glamour with Metal Vases

Metal vases are like special pots that can be used to make tables look extra pretty and fancy. 

The metal vases are placed in the middle of the head table as decorations. They can hold beautiful flowers or even shiny branches. When you look at them, these metal centerpieces sparkle and shine, catching everyone’s attention.

These vases add a touch of rustic glamour and make the head table look even more special. They show that the event is important and that the people sitting at the head table are very special too.

The combination of the metal vase and flowers looks attractive, and you’ll definitely going to get praise for putting this centerpiece. 

7. Mix Metal Lantern with Flowers

Have you ever seen a lantern? It’s like a unique lamp that people use to light up dark places. But did you know that lanterns can also be used as centerpieces? One type of centerpiece that you might see at parties or special events is called a “metal lantern with flowers.”

A metal lantern with flowers is a lovely centerpiece made with a combination of a lantern and beautiful flowers. It is placed in the heart of a table to make it look pretty and delightful. The lantern is usually made of metal and has glass sides so that you can look at the flame inside. The flowers are carefully arranged around the lantern to make it even more appealing.

The flowers around it make the table look even more attractive and bring a sense of freshness to the surroundings. It’s like having a mini garden right in the middle of the table!

You need to try out this amazing centerpiece idea if you love flowers and light combo together. You can easily make this centerpiece. 


In conclusion, having metal centerpieces for your summer wedding head table can make it look really special. These centerpieces are made of shiny metal and come in different shapes and designs. They can be like beautiful treasures that catch your eye!

With these metal centerpieces, you can add flowers, candles, or other decorations to make them even more amazing. The flowers can be colorful and smell really nice, and the candles can give a warm and cozy glow.

When all the metal centerpieces are arranged on the head table, they make the wedding feel extra fancy and beautiful. Everyone will look at them and feel happy.

So, if you’re planning a summer wedding, consider adding metal centerpieces to your head table. They will make it look stunning and create a magical atmosphere for everyone to enjoy!

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