6 Decorative Table Vases For Coffee Table

In any standard living room, two things make or break it – the coffee table and the sofa. So naturally, people’s perception of your living room ideally rests on these two items – especially the coffee table.

Who doesn’t want to have a pretty living room that appeals to visitors? However, something as simple as your coffee table can distort the appearance of your entire living room. That is why you must take your time and decorate it as best as possible.

Interior decorators often argue that your coffee table is your living room centerpiece. We can’t agree more.

There are plenty of ways that you can decorate your coffee table. And using vases is one of them. We developed this guide to help you select the best decorative table vases.

Crystal Clear Decorative Flower Vase

Crystal Decorative Table Vases

The decorative table vases bring nature and life into your living room and coffee table. Some of its best features include:

Leak-proof Design

The design is particularly great for flowers – whether artificial, silk, fresh, bouquets, or feathers. In addition, its leak-proof nature gives you peace of mind knowing that you won’t have to wipe after drops of water on the coffee table.

No Assembly Needed

The Sziqiqi broad glass vase is shipped without any accessories. So there’ll be no need to install or assemble it as you would with other centerpieces. You even have the choice of two colors – silver and gold.

Suitable For All Occasions

Whether you want to use these decorative table vases for your home décor or wedding arrangement, the options are limitless. You can use it in your bedroom, dining area, parties, and kitchen shelves.

High-quality Material

The Sziqiqi decorative table vases go through several quality checks after being crafted using quality thickened glass. As a result, the base is metallic, rust-resistant, stable, and durable.

Our superb polishing technology and advanced plating ensure that the flower vases have a shinier, smoother, more luxurious, and more expensive look.

A Worthy Souvenir

These decorative table vases make up an excellent gift for a loved one. In addition, the tall clear trumpet vase is an eye-catcher for anyone who loves décor.

Imagine your mum’s face after sending her this vase for Mothers’ Day! How about Christmas Day, anniversaries, housewarmings, weddings, birthdays, and New Year celebrations? When sending these vases, you will definitely put a smile on the recipient’s face.

Glass Decorative Table Vases For Centerpieces With Metal Geometric Design

Glass Decorative Table Vases

Our glass vase is more durable as compared to other glasses. It doesn’t break easily, as you’d expect with typical glasses. This metallic frame glass is an excellent addition to any décor. Its best features include the following.

Best For All Occasions

Whether you want to use them for an outdoor or indoor addition, these decorative table vases are ideal for both situations. In addition,they act as beautiful centerpieces for different occasions.

Ideal For Flower Arrangements

Our metallic decorative table vases have glass test tubes measuring 6cm in diameter. These test tubes are perfect for use with water and flower combinations. You can use different flowers, including dried variants, artificial, or even fresh ones.

Nordic Metallic Glass Vase

We use high-quality metallic wires to make our elegant glass vases. The style is minimalist and entirely handcrafted.

Souvenir Or Present

One thing your recipient will love about such a gift is its clear bud vase. It is an appropriate gift for various occasions, including Mothers’ Day, birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, and housewarmings, among many others.

Small Ceramic Vase Decorative Flower Vases

Ceramic Decorative Table Vases

This Sziqiqi modern bud ceramic vase is tiny enough to fit in any arrangement and still makes a significant impact in terms of appeal. What makes it so unique?

An Ideal Décor For Tables

You must mention this option when looking for decorative table vases. It is appropriate for your bedroom, desk, dining table, office, and coffee table, among many other applications.

This is the right pick even when you have a party and need something unique to spice up the décor. Or when you want a more laid-back fireplace or library, you can use this vase just for that purpose.

Matte Colors And Beautiful Designs

With a white and grey embossed pattern, this décor adds to your house’s modern and pretty atmosphere. Warm up your space with these fabulous and decorative table vases.

Multifunctional Decorative Table Vases

Use the vase for different purposes and on other surfaces. Be it for artificial or natural flowers, dining, or coffee table, this option suits it all.

High-quality Present

There’s a sharp distinction between this vase and other plastic or glass vases. Using ceramic by hand, this vase is made more robust. As a result, it doesn’t rust easily and is sturdy.

The two ceramic vase sets will please whoever gets this vase. Whether you’re getting it for yourself or sending it as a gift, it is the best decision you can make.

Embossed Glass Bud Vase 

Decorative Table Bud Vases

Suppose you’re looking for glass bud vase bottles that have an intricate texture and are ideal for showcasing on your shelves, furniture, tables, and countertops. In that case, these decorative vases fit the bill perfectly.

The options are open whether you want to use them with fresh or faux flowers. It is an ideal option both for outdoor and indoor décor. Why?

Antique Design

Its unique antique design and embossed texture make it an impression maker around your space. It still makes a great impression even when you place the vase alone on the table.

Hand-made Crafting

Anything crafted by hand, traditionally, has a unique and breathtaking appearance. However, for this vase, you can count on its artisans’ labor and attention to detail from blank to the complete item.

Various Applications

You can quickly get spoilt for choices when considering where to apply this decorative vase. However, it blends perfectly in plenty of applications – indoors and outdoors.

Ceramic Rustic Vase For Home Décor

Ceramic Rustic Decorative Table Vases
Source: ubuy.dk

This is an excellent choice for a more elegant, exquisite, and warm experience. It adds to the beauty and space of your home. These decorative table vases are ideal for all holidays and seasons. Here are some of the features that make it a great addition:


The material making this vase is of high quality. It is ceramic handcrafted, with effective corrosion resistance.


The beauty of this rustic ceramic vase is that you can use it in different places and surfaces, whether you want to use it on your coffee table, dining room, or for a wedding.

An Unforgettable Gift

This is a souvenir that you can’t forget. Thus, it makes an excellent gift for a loved one. You can gift it to someone for their birthday, wedding, anniversary, or any other special day.

Flower Vase For Home Decor

Decorative Table Vases for Home

This is an ideal vase for your coffee table, dining area, or even outdoor application. It is a centerpiece that you can either get in silver or gold. So, what are some of the amazing features of this decorative vase? 

Ideal For Vintage Tables 

These decorative table vases make vintage tables look pretty and attractive. Add some pomp to your priceless vintage table. 

Imitation Metal Finish And Retro Stripes 

Its design is classic with polished stripe details. The finish imitates a metal. These decorative table vases add a touch of vintage to your space. You can then add synthetic flowers to warm up your space. 


This rustic vase gives you the chance to showcase vases with different fillers like silk or dried flowers. You can use the vase both indoors and outdoors. 

Final Thoughts

As you make a purchase decision based on the decorative table vases we have shared above, check out individual stand-out features in each one. They may all please you in appearance, but there’s always something that will convince you to pick just one of them. Feel free to visit our website for plenty of more ideas.

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