6 Easy and Elegant Christmas Candle Holder Decoration Ideas

Christmas is a fun time for coming up with creative gifts, hanging out with family, and generally having a good time. It is still time when you have to hang your decorations. Other than the usual decorations, try to have a great-looking Christmas candle holder this time around.

In case you have no idea where to start, we discuss the best Christmas candle holders below and how best to utilize candles for Christmas below. 

6 Unique Christmas Candle Holder Decoration Ideas 

Candle decorations do not have to be complicated. We look at a few examples to help you create unique candle holders for your next Christmas. Let us see what you can do this time around. 

Rustic Wood Christmas Candle Holders

Nature is your friend when making a beautiful candle holder centerpiece. That is why rustic tree branches can be all you need for a Christmas candle holder. We recommend drilling into the branches to create enough space for the tealight candles considering they are smaller and shallow. 

Glass Jar Candle Lantern

Christmas Glass Jar Candle Lantern

You can make a candle lantern by using available glass jars in your house. You only need to add some decorations to the glass jars, including pine needles, red berries, and frosting. Make it as creative as you want to achieve a look like the one shown above. 

Candy Cane Candle Holders

Candy Cane Candle Holders

If you have a lot of candy canes lying around, use them to create a nice Christmas candle decoration. All you have to do is tie the candy canes on the sides of the candle holder to have a unique Christmas look with the candles. 

Glitter Candle Holders

Shiny Candle Holder

You can turn the idle glass in your house into candle holders. The only difference is adding some sparkle to their look. Add glitter to the glass using glue and make a great pattern ensuring the candles stand out. 

Recycle Bottles for Candle Holders

Recycle Bottles for Christmas Candle Holders

You may have a few bottles lying around your home. It might be time to turn them into candle holders. Pick a few bottles and paint them with Christmas colors and patterns. Just like that, you have candle holders, especially for the taper candles. 

Clay Star Candle Holders 

Clay DIY Candle Holders

This is another DIY you can try if you have clay in the house. You only need to spread out the clay and cut the star shapes. Make them in various sizes to bring out a nice contrast. Make holes at the stars’ center and insert candles to complete the design. 

What Candles That Smell Most Like Christmas

Someone might ask, how does even Christmas smell like? Christmas can be any scent that puts you in the holiday spirit and a mood to have a good time. Of course, there are brands that have candles with the name Christmas in them. It will be quite interesting to experience their smell. 

So, get your Christmas candle holder ready and pick any of the candles mentioned below. 

Smells Like Christmas – COCO by Stone 

COCO by Stone with Christmas Candle Holder

The name helps you understand what you might get when you buy such a candle. This candle meant for your Christmas candle holder is made with coconut wax. Heating such wax should leave you with a sweet smell for days. 

You can choose other smells from the same manufacturer. The other Christmas smells include cinnamon, clove, and citrus. 

Fir Balsam Candle – Daniel Stone 

Recycle Bottles for Christmas Candle Holders

This is another great pick for those who need candles that smell like Christmas. Daniel Stone candles are available in many scents, but the Fir Balsam is one of the best for Christmas. This is because it gives off a fresh woody aroma. It can be compared to a freshly cut tree meant for Christmas decoration. 

The candle also comes in a cute Christmas candle holder to make it stand out even more. 

Vanilla Pillar Candle 

Vanilla Pillar Candle

Someone might just buy this candle because of how it looks. It is not just about the looks but also how it smells. Many people will enjoy the great vanilla scent of this candle. 

We find it a great fit for your living room or bedroom set up to give you a blend of vanilla plus maple scents. Just don’t forget to put it out before sleeping. 

You can still get other scents, such as mango pillar candles, jasmine pillar candles, and Ambe Rose pillar candles. 

Fireside Cabin Coconut Holiday Candle 

COCO by Stone with Red Christmas Candle Holder

This will be a great choice if you enjoy the smell of hot chocolate while sitting in front of a fireplace during Christmas. The smell alone is not the only thing that gets you, as it is also packaged in a nice candle holder. You will likely enjoy having it lit most of the time to enjoy the smell more often. 

6 Tips to Make Candles Last Longer 

Candles can help set the mood for the Christmas period; however, depending on how you use them, they can be short-lived sometimes. That is why understanding how to make candles last longer is essential. Here are ideas to get you started. 

Use a candle holder covered with glass

A candle holder can also be in the form of a lantern. The only difference this time is that you can put the candle inside. 

Having the glass surrounding the candle keeps the wind from blowing toward it. If the wind is blocked, then the candle lasts even longer. 

Trim the wicks more often

Having the wicks of the candles at the right length not only helps with achieving a bright light but also improves its lifespan. 

Long wicks are not the best as they are likely to make the candle sooty. Cut it to about one-fourth of an inch to get the best burning performance. At this wick length, the candle does not burn a lot of wax and still gives you a bright light. 

Do not put close to fans or vents 

As mentioned before; wax burns faster when you place it in a path with a draft or wind. It is the same case when you put candles next to fans. 

Make sure to put it out of such a path, and you can have candles that burn for longer without a problem. 

Freeze the candle 

It might seem like a gimmick, but it works. Freeze the candles for a few hours before lighting them. The aim is to make the wax cold, meaning it burns slower compared to a candle that has not been frozen. 

Sprinkle salt on the wax 

Sprinkling some salt on the wax can prolong the burn time of a candle. Just a pinch of salt is enough to keep it going. Add the pinch of salt to the molten wax and stir using a toothpick or chopstick. 

You may notice that the candle burns slower the next time you light it for your Christmas event. 

Let it burn long enough to avoid tunneling 

Sometimes, you may only light a candle for a few minutes and put it out. This is not recommended for candles. This is because they might lead to the tunneling effect. This is where the wax at the center is only heated, creating a tunnel into the candle. The result is the candle can get wasted and offer poor lighting too. 


The best candle holders combined with the right candles should fill the room with the right Christmas mood. We have highlighted the best candle holders to consider, plus the candles to use with them. All that is left is for you to pair them correctly and have a great Christmas ahead. Do not forget our tips above for making the candles last longer to enjoy them better. 

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