5 Unique Ways To Add Height To Wedding Centerpiece Stands

Centrepiece stand plays a huge role when it comes to wedding decor. They make your decor look elegant and amazing. If you want to add something to your reception table, centerpieces are the perfect choice for you. 

But what if you buy a set of centerpiece stands and their height is less than you expect? In that situation, you need to add some extra height to your table centerpieces. 

This blog will give you 5 amazing ways to add extra height to your wedding centerpieces. 

Why Do You Need To Add Extra Height To Your Wedding Centerpieces 

Although you must hear that fewer height centerpieces are good as they allow you to talk to the guest easily. And if the centerpieces are way too tall, they will block your view. 

But if you want your wedding decor to look gorgeous in photos and want guest attention, then consider adding extra height to your centerpieces. 

To create focus on your table centerpieces and tie them to the wedding theme, you can add extra height. 

5 Way To Add Extra Height To Your Centerpieces Stand 

Vintage Books Centerpiece Stand

Vintage books are a great way to add height to your centerpiece stand. Make sure you add different colors and sizes of vintage books to every table. This way, your table centerpieces will look more gorgeous. 

You only need to take some old good quality vintage books from your store. And keep 2 to 3 books on the dinner table. Now put the centerpiece into it. Make sure to add some good colored flowers to your table centerpieces. 

This idea is perfect for you if you have a vintage theme for your wedding. Books can be a good way to add height to your centerpiece stand

Vintage Books Centerpiece Stand
Source: WeddingWire

Wooden Crates Centerpiece Stand

If you are going for a rustic theme wedding, the wooden crate is the perfect item for you. You can use wooden crates to give some extra height to your favorite table centerpieces. 

The good thing about using Wooden Crates is they come in a large size. This way, they will take up enough space on your dinner table, and your centerpiece will stand out in guests’ eyes. 

Technically wooden crates can add around 10cm height to your centerpiece stands, so it will also be easy to communicate with guests at the dinner table. 

Put the wooden crates upside down on the dinner table and add flower vases on them. 

This way, you can add some extra inches to your beautiful centerpieces. 

Bashews Wooden Crates Centerpiece Stand
Source: quirky parties

Wood Slice Centerpiece Stand

Wood slices can be very attractive if used wisely. If you love wood slices, then this idea will work for you. You can buy wood slices in different sizes. Now you have to put 2 different sizes of a wood slice per centerpiece. 

You have to keep a small slice in the large slice. And then put your centerpiece to it. This method can add a 5 cm height to your table centerpieces. Also, wood slice is ideal for you if your centerpieces are non-traditional. 

You can put a flower pot and decor items on the wood slices. Use this idea if you want to try something new than just traditional things like books. 

Wood Slice Centerpiece Stand
Source: Esty

Cake Stand

You may be confused by reading cake stands to add the height of the centerpiece stands. But yes, you can add some extra height to your table centerpiece by using cake stands. 

This work best if you have round shape flower to decorate the table. You can find cake stands in different materials like plastic, metal, or wood. Choose a stand that fits your wedding theme well. The good thing about using cake stands is it takes up less space than other things on this list. 

You can easily place a candle in the space that is left under the cake stand. This thing is ideal if you are using round tables at the wedding. 

Cake Stand
Source: greenvillabarn.blogspot.com

Wood Runners Centerpiece Stand

Want to add more than one centerpiece stand on one table? Wood Runners can be the perfect choice for you. It is ideal for rectangular tables. It can add 3 cm to 5 cm height to your centerpieces which is less compared to other options. But it can store more than one table centerpiece. 

You can easily place a large centerpiece stand like a vase with flowers and 2 candles together. You can add items to the wood runner as per your preference. 

There will be a lot of places to put at least 3 to 4 things. So try out this method if you have a large space on your table. 

Wood Runners Centerpiece Stand
Source: iStock


The centerpiece looks better when we put them into anything like wood slices or books. These things grab guest attention and make our dinner table look beautiful. Also, these ideas perfectly solve the problem of insufficient height. You will love them. For more ideas about wedding decoration please refer to sziqiqi blog.

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