4 Steps To Clean Sterling Silver Candle Holders

Have you ever felt the soothing vibes of a room decorated with candles and flowers with dim lights? Candlelight dinner is one of the best ways to spend quality time with your special ones.

Candles have an elegant charm that adds beauty when placed in the right place in the right holder. Sterling silver candle holders can go perfectly with home decor or architectural design. Sterling silver candle holders give visual and authentic appeal to a table or mantel.

These sterling silver candle holders might be expensive yet long-lasting. You can keep them for a long time with proper care. Maintaining a product holds the same importance as buying them new. It is important to keep your candle holders neat and clean.

When you blaze a candle in the candle holder, the wax starts melting and accumulating over it. It can spoil the look of the candle holder. Thus, we are here with some steps that can help you clean your silver candle holders.

Clean Sterling Silver Candleholders

Steps To Clean Sterling Silver Candleholders

Your beautiful sterling silver candle holders can lose their charm over time. They have to suffer from dust, dirt, chemicals, stains, and other particles.

Chemicals in the air, paper, rubber, wool, and oils from the hands, can cause Tarnishing. You should clean your candle holders only when necessary. With each washing, a small amount of silver gets reduced.

Cleaning metal is a challenging task. You should keep the precautions in mind for your safety and security. According to research, the Global Candle market may reach 9.9 billion dollars by 2028.  Let’s have a look through the steps to clean the silver candle holders.

Step 1: Use a sponge soaked in warm water with a bar of dish soap to clean a grimy silver candlestick. Avoid putting water onto any non-silver components of the candlestick. For instance, candlesticks made from wood, rubber, plastic, etc. After rinsing the sponge, use it to clean the candlestick once again. To dry the sterling silver candle holders, use a cotton cloth.

Step 2: Use cotton to remove grime and tarnish from the candle holder’s grooves. You can remove the buildup by pressing a toothpick into the surface. Use a soft artist’s or makeup brush to remove any loose debris.

Step 3: To remove candle wax, use a fingernail instead of a sharp tool. Repeat heating, blotting, and scraping with your fingernail to remove all the wax. If the wax is difficult to remove, reheat it with a hair dryer. Do it before absorbing the majority of it with a cotton towel.

Step 4: Use a little silver polish on a moist, soft cotton towel to clean and buff the candlestick. Wash the candlestick in warm water after polishing and pat it dry with a delicate cotton cloth. Do not use the same cloth for wiping dirt or debris from the candle holder.

Short Sterling Silver Candle Holder

Things To Keep In Mind While Cleaning Sterling Silver Candle Holders

  • Handle sterling silver candle holders using cotton gloves. It is vital to prevent skin oils from reacting with the silver and creating Tarnishing. Wrap silver candlesticks in acid-free archival paper to avoid tarnish during long-term preservation. Other papers may cause silver to tarnish if they react with it.
  • Another safe approach for cleaning sterling silver candle holders using non-abrasive toothpaste. Also, use a soft cloth to massage the toothpaste into the silver. The silver should then be soaked with lukewarm water and dried with a soft towel.
  • Some silver cleaning and polishing products include toxic substances, such as petroleum distillates. Check the labels of any silver-cleaning goods for warnings. you can see the word “danger” to see if they contain dangerous compounds. The labels of safer alternatives do not contain the word “danger.”
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The natural silver cleaning steps listed above will help restore lustre. You can also use silver polishing solutions for the same purpose. You can choose a cleaner designed only for sterling silver or silver-plated goods. Some are designed for specialized uses, while others have a broader scope.

Learning how to clean sterling silver candle holders and silver jewellery is easy. Routine care, preventative maintenance, and polishing will help maintain the holder’s lustre. Want to buy or replace your silver candle holders with new designer ones? You can get in touch with Sziqiqi to get enchanting candle holders.

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