30 Best Ideas to Decorate Your Wedding Aisle

A wedding aisle is a crucial part of the wedding, as it witnesses every bride’s entrance and exit. It testifies to the bride and groom’s feelings for each other. It embarks on their journey of eternal love. A wedding aisle represents a new journey for the bride as she leaves her closest people and moves on with the love of her life. Every bride dreams of a perfect wedding, and if you’ve saved some extra, then why not spend it on the wedding aisle?

A wedding aisle represents your first walk together as a couple. It’s where you come across the love of your life. A wedding aisle is that part of the ceremony which is constantly noticed by guests the most. You don’t need a hefty amount to make it unique, just some brilliant tips and tricks to make it memorable. Are you getting married? Are you looking for some new ideas to decorate your wedding aisle? Do your want your wedding aisle decor to stand out? Here have a look at some clever decor ideas for your wedding aisle.

Wedding aisle markers

Wedding Aisle Markers

Wedding aisle markers are flower arrangements, usually displayed with ribbons and candles and tied with the totality of the aisle. They represent the bifurcation of the wedding aisle from the seating arrangements. By using an aisle marker, you have the freedom to decorate your wedding aisle without getting disrupted. Wedding aisle markers are virtually the star of your wedding show. It’s up to your choice where you want to place them. Either put them on both sides or use them at the entrance or the end of the wedding aisle. Let’s look at some of the creative adornments for your wedding aisle.

  1. Cherry blossom tree:

Imagine a dreamy pink wedding. With bridesmaids’ pink dresses, pink table linen, and an aisle filled with pink and white cherry blossoms. And you! All dressed up in white. Now you can have your cinematic magical wedding with artificial trees of cherry blossoms to decorate your wedding venue and aisle.

  1. Wisteria white wedding:
Wisteria white wedding

White is the color of the bride and represents purity and innocence. Imagine a pure white wedding with white wisteria trees around the wedding aisle, welcoming all guests. This beautiful aisle will take your guests into an enchanted magical world. This wedding decoration will give you Sofia Vergara’s dreamy wedding vibes.

  1. Balloons:
Balloons for wedding

If you and your significant other likes to act funky and would love to experiment with fun, then go for balloons. Imagine your guests entering your wedding venue and seeing balloons all around. Sounds fun, right? Let’s be more creative by blowing these lovely heart-shaped inflatables. Let them roam everywhere with a balloon arch at the entrance of your wedding aisle.

  1. Rustic wedding:
Rustic wedding

If you’re a fan of a rustic wedding, then plan to get married in an old wooden chapel. Use shabby wooden chairs and hang fairy lights around tree branches for an excellent addition to your wedding aisle. Add copper lanterns or old wine glasses to every table for a perfectly rustic look.

  1. Hurricane lanterns:

Perfect addition for an evening wedding, lighting candles with hurricane lanterns. While incorporating lanterns, use white seating arrangements and blooms for a natural effect. If your venue doesn’t allow candles, you can use battery-operated candles.

  1. Flowers:
Flowers for wedding aisle ideas

To separate the seating arrangements from the wedding aisle, you can also use a big bouquet of wildflowers with thistles and spikes. Place each bouquet along the wedding aisle’s edges to create a pleasant effect.

  1. Petals:

Add petals as wedding aisle markers to make it more surreal and magical. Either fresh or dried, petals would bring colors, zest, and pleasant fragrance for the whole event. If your wedding theme is light, contrast it with the bold colors of petals and vice versa.

  1. Logs:

You can use wooden logs as wedding aisle markers for a rustic wooden wedding. Try incorporating it with pale beige or white to set the event’s tone. To make it fancier, combine it with a flower ball and a mini copper lantern.

  1. Ribbons:

Just use ribbons behind chairs or a sash with a bow for a more straightforward wedding. If you want to be fancy, place a rose on each fold. Try matching the color of the ribbon with your wedding theme to complement the hues.

  1. Vintage rugs:
Vintage rugs for wedding aisle ideas

Rugs as a wedding aisle decor work best when planning an outdoor wedding, especially on the beach. By using some vintage rugs, (readily available from the flea market), you can give an antique touch to your event. It would also be a little helpful in saving your lovely dress while you’re walking on the sand, grass, or soil.

  1. Wedding aisle runner:

If you’re a fan of wedding aisle runners, try using some customized wedding aisle runners readily available from any online store. Along with wedding aisles, you may also find some other minimal accessories for your big day.

  1. Pampas grass:
Pampas grass

Pampas grass would be an excellent addition for a bohemian soul who loves muted colors and pastels. It leaves an airy ambiance thanks to its breezy hues and ethereal feathers. Go with some dried petals on the aisle to make your pampas grass aisle marker stand out even more.

  1. Make it simple:
simple wedding aisle

Choosing a wedding aisle decor depends upon where you are getting married. If you decide to get married in an outdoor venue, use some petals or flowers to go with your wedding theme. If you’re getting married in a classic chapel, you don’t need to set up decor. Using two fresh bouquets at the entrance of the wedding aisle would be enough to seize the day.

  1. Lights:

Lights work best if you’re planning a sunset wedding. Use lights as a wedding aisle marker to mark your grand entrance and exit. If you want to be on a budget, then use fairy lights. They’re inexpensive and would illuminate the whole setting.

  1. Colors:
colorful wedding aisle

To turn your event colorful and vibrant, try Incorporating the use of colored fabrics. Be a little experimental and use bold colors with a white seating arrangement. Colors add festivity and peppiness to the event. Let the colors testify to your ethereal entrance into the wedding venue.

  1. Mason jars:

Experiment with the use of mason jars for your wedding. You can use thistles, amaranths, and peace lilies with pots. You can either place them on the wedding aisle or tie them with chairs on both sides of the aisle. Here’s a pro tip for an evening wedding, infuse tealights and votives with mason jars for a magical reception.

  1. Botanical wedding aisle:
Botanical wedding aisle

If you’re a fan of botanicas, this works perfectly for you. Use monstera, dracaena, and rubber plants into lovely and healthy green foliage. Tie them on the edges of chairs and incorporate some plants on the wedding aisle corner. Want to be fancy? Use white seating and a white venue for a stunning fusion.

  1. Wine casks:
Wine casks for wedding aisle ideas

Suppose you’re tying the nuptial knots in a classic vineyard. In that case, nothing is best than displaying barrels as aisle markers. Show wine casks on either side of the wedding aisle at the entrance or exit.

  1. Pumpkin:

Are you a fall bride and low on budget? Perfect than using costless pumpkins to set the tone of the wedding? Plan your wedding color theme, contrast it with the pumpkins, and display them as wedding aisle markers.

  1. White wedding:
White wedding

How about a dreamy fairytale white wedding? You are dressed all in white, walking the pure and plain white wedding aisle as a Disney princess. To accentuate that breathless look, use white roses, lilies, and white candles on either side of the wedding aisle. Are you looking for more ideas? Use white seating arrangements and a white gazebo or chapel.

  1. Leaves:
Leaves left at wedding aisle

The most economical and budget-friendly idea is to use plain green leaves on either side of the wedding aisle. Not satisfied with the color pallets? Go for contrasting colors that go well with greens, like white seating arrangements or pistachio table linen, etc., to complement the hues.

  1. Sunflower:

Sunflowers are inexpensive, beautiful, and bright flowers. Making them part of your wedding saves you money and adds vibrancy and beauty to your union. Go for some mini sunflower bouquets and attach or hang them at the back of each corner chair. Want to be fancy? have a sunflower wedding, and be a perfect summer bride.

  1. Winter bride:

Are you planning a Christmas / winter wedding? Make your wedding venue cozy by adding synthetic fur as seat covers and an indoor fireplace with fairy lights to recreate Christmas’s aura.

  1. Hanging flowers:
Hanging flowers for wedding aisle ideas

Recreate the twilight’s wedding scene by using hanging flowers (e-g wisteria tree) as you cross the aisle all dressed in white. It will be ethereal if you’re getting married in an outdoor venue like a gazebo or woodlands. The hangings wisteria would look lovely even in an enclosed wooden chapel.

  1. Pond boardwalk:
Pond boardwalk

A wedding is one of every person’s most surreal and unique experiences. If you’ve saved enough to make your wedding stand out, then spend some on the dreamy wedding aisle. Many online venues are offering a boardwalk over the lakes or ponds. Pro-tip, go with a classic white wedding with lilies and white roses, with white seating arrangements and a white curtain wedding arch for an unforgettable experience.

  1. Ferns:

Ferns work best if your venue is an outdoor gazebo or backyard. Use potted flower ferns on either side of the wedding aisle. Using ferns is inexpensive and environmentally friendly, saves the cost of wedding flowers, and can be reused later. A striking inclination of 57 % to 68 % of people prefers outdoor wedding venues from 2019 to 2020.

  1. Flower-wrapped trees:
Flower-wrapped trees

Suppose you’re getting married in your backyard with trees and a big garden. Trust us; you don’t need massive decorations; think of using flowers and wrapping them around the trees. Sounds interesting, right? Be creative, use bold colors to complement the green, and fill the wedding aisle with the leftover ones. A perfect summer floral bride!

  1. Chandeliers:

Want a fancy illuminating wedding? Incorporate chandeliers hanging from the ceiling and use candles for the floor on either side of the wedding aisle. This setting is perfect, especially for an evening or sunset wedding. Chandeliers and candles would illuminate your event with ideal lighting.

  1. Monochrome theme:

For all black lovers, this one is for you. The black color is classy and has the power to complement every color. Use black settings like seatings, a wedding aisle runner, black balloons, and the black curtain wedding arch. With you and your significant others and everyone dressed in white. A perfect black and white surreal wedding!

  1. Delphiniums:

Delphinium is a pure, serene, and colorful flowering plant. It’s cheap and pretty, and its longevity gives it an edge of being a perfect wedding aisle decor for your union. Match it with your wedding theme, like blue, purple, or white, and put it in planters on either side of the wedding aisle for a grandeur entrance and exit.


The beauty of the wedding aisle is enhanced three times bigger if you’re planning an outdoor wedding. Plan it in a forest, garden, beach, or open area and save the costs of decorating your wedding aisle. Many Britons prefer outdoors, bars, and hotels as a popular choice for getting married in the UK in 2019. You can add flower petals, roses, confetti, wooden signage, customized aisle runners, or anything to make it a walk to remember.

Even for indoor weddings, a wedding aisle is one of the most talked about and looked up parts of a wedding ceremony. It’s okay if you’re a little tight on the budget; use colors and objects you can use later on. Pro-tip, I prefer renting the things and decorations to save costs and the day. We hope our guide must’ve helped you out in your search for some new ideas to decorate your wedding aisle. Have you tried some of these tips for your big day? Let us know in the comments below.

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