16 Stunning DIY Wedding Centerpieces

While wedding flowers are pretty and all, you can’t deny that your biggest wow factor comes from your wedding centerpieces. The right one can completely transform how your guests look at your wedding. And the wrong one can make them look at their watches and wish they were elsewhere. With these DIY wedding centerpiece ideas, though, there’s no chance of anyone looking at their watch ever again. From simple arrangements to more elaborate creations, check out our list of 16 stunning DIY wedding centerpieces.

16 DIY Wedding Centerpieces That Will Wow Your Guests

Try one of these 16 DIY wedding centerpiece ideas if you want to give your guests something to talk about.

1. Glitter Galore

If you’re looking to add a touch of glam to your big day, why not try one of these stunning DIY glitter wedding centerpieces? From vases and candles to table runners and place cards, a little sparkle can go a long way. And the best part? These projects are relatively easy to make so that you can save money on your decor budget. Plus, there’s no need to wait for that special day to show off your hard work—glitter is the perfect decoration for any occasion.

glitter galore diy centerpiece for wedding

Whether you want something as simple as a cake stand with glittery candle holders or as elaborate as an entire room covered in shimmering metallic leaves, these DIY wedding centerpiece ideas will have everyone talking about how pretty it looks.

2. Ribbon Chandelier

This ribbon chandelier is the perfect addition to any romantic indoor wedding. It’s simple to make and can be customized to match your wedding colors. The best part about this wedding centerpiece is that it’s affordable since you only need a few yards of ribbon, wire, lightbulbs, and scissors. All in all, this project costs less than $10.

Add flowers or other decorations around the center to spruce up the design. Creating something beautiful with two hands will have guests talking at your reception.

3. Decorative Jars

decorative jars

Wedding centerpieces are a great way to show off your personality and style. If you’re looking for something unique, try these decorative jars. They’re easy to make and can be customized to match your wedding colors. All you need is a jar or vase of any size (preferably clear), twine, paint chips from the hardware store, some paintbrushes. Also use acrylic craft paint in colors that suit your wedding theme. First, select a color for the base of the jar. Fill the pot halfway with water and add about two tablespoons of white glue.

Drop in one or two paint chips at a time until you have enough to cover all sides of the jar. Add more water if necessary to completely cover the chips with gluey water. Next, add a small amount of acrylic craft paint on top of this, so it doesn’t just blend with the color below it. Allow it to dry before removing excess glue with hot water.

4. Cascading Flowers Centerpieces

cascading flower centerpieces

Cascading flowers are a great option if you’re looking for a show-stopping wedding centerpiece. They’re dramatic and beautiful, and they can be made relatively easily. You’ll need a few supplies, including floral foam, floral tape, scissors, and flowers. It’s easiest to work with shorter flower stems, so try going with tulips or other small flowers if possible. Take the floral foam and cut it into thirds (each third should be about 8 inches long).

Take the top third of the tray (or another vessel) and place it in the center of your workspace. It should form an open triangle on one side – this will become the bottom part of your planter. Next, wrap one piece of tape around the outside edge to secure it.

5. Chalkboard Hearts Centerpieces

Hearts are a classic symbol of love, and these chalkboard hearts are the perfect way to incorporate them into your wedding centerpieces décor. They’re easy to make and can be customized to match your wedding colors. Plus, they add a touch of whimsy that your guests will love. If you don’t want to draw out hearts by hand, use stencils or pre-made shapes. Cut an old book in half and cut out shapes with scissors or an X-acto knife. Arrange on a tray with votive candles underneath for dramatic effect.

You could also make one big heart centerpiece instead of individual ones, which would take more time and wow everyone with its size. Try using different cardboard boxes and wrapping paper sizes to create a three-dimensional design.

6. Faux Natural Bamboo Centerpiece

faux natural bamboo centerpiece

This faux natural bamboo wedding centerpiece is the perfect way to add a touch of greenery to your wedding décor. Plus, it’s easy to make and can be done for a fraction of the cost of buying flowers. You’ll need some straw (or hay), wire mesh, foam insulation board, artificial grass turf, and paint. Create a cone-shaped base out of the straw or hay by weaving it together. Cut wire mesh to fit on the inside as well as around the top edge of the cone base. Attach with staples or glue and paint with the desired color before laying artificial grass turf on top.

7. Mason Jar Flowers Centerpiece

mason jar flower centerpieces

This mason jar flower arrangement is so simple to put together and is a great way to add a pop of color to your tablescape. Fill mason jars with water, and then add your favorite flowers. If you want to get more creative, you can use something like twine or ribbon as an added touch. You can also fill the top part of the jar with tissue paper to make it look like confetti at the end of the wedding reception. Cut the tissue paper into squares or triangles and stuff them into the jar until they are tightly packed.

8. Acrylic Vases For Flower Arrangements

Whether you’re looking for a simple and elegant way to display your flower to your wedding décor, acrylic vases are a great option. They come in various shapes and sizes to find the perfect one for your needs. Plus, they’re inexpensive and easy to find. For this design, just set up two acrylic vases on either side of the head table. Fill each with an arrangement of your favorite blooms (carnations, baby’s breath, roses) and put them together using florist wire. You’ll need 10-12 flowers per arrangement to fill the space nicely.

9. Single Long Stem Calla Lily Wedding Centerpiece

Look beyond the classic calla lily for a simple and elegant wedding centerpiece. These beautiful flowers are easy to find and inexpensive, making them a great option for budget-conscious brides. Arrange them in a tall vase for a show-stopping look that your guests will love. Start by placing a base layer of sand or decorative rocks at the bottom of the vase. Fill the rest of the vase with water, but leave an inch or two below where you want your flowers to be placed. Add your desired number of calla lilies to this area and fill up any space with more water until it is full up to where you had left it off before adding your flowers.

10. Woodsy Branch Wedding Centerpiece


If you’re looking for a stunning DIY wedding centerpiece that will make your guests say ‘wow,’ look no further than this woodsy branch arrangement. It’s easy to put together and can be made with branches you collect from your backyard. Plus, it adds a touch of nature to your decor that is sure to please. Just take your components, arrange them into a circle or other desired shape. Then tie them up with twine or ribbon and fill in the gaps with small greenery such as roses or baby’s breath.

Add any other flowers as desired, like tulips or lilies, then fill in the gaps between leaves by adding mosses (you can buy these pre-made). And finally, top off your masterpiece by adding any extra finishing touches like birdhouses or stones.

11. Coral Peonies in An Earthenware Vase

coral peonies in wedding centerpiece vases

Are you looking for a breathtaking yet budget-friendly wedding centerpiece? Look further than this stunning arrangement of coral peonies in an earthenware vase. Perfect for a summertime soirée, this arrangement is easy to put together and is sure to wow your guests. To make it happen, purchase three bunches of coral peonies from the florist. Remove leaves from the stems before placing them in the vase’s center. Fill it with water until it reaches just below the top rim. Add some petals on top to fill out the space, and voila! The perfect summer centerpiece!

12. Waterfall Floral Display Wedding Centerpiece

waterfall floral display wedding centerpiece

This cascading floral display is incredibly gorgeous and packs a wow factor. As far as DIY centerpieces go, this one is pretty simple to put together. All you need is a clear vase, some Oasis floral foam, and various flowers in different colors. Arrange the flowers in the vase to cascade from the top down. Keep adding layers until it looks full and beautiful. Once you’re happy with your arrangement, poke holes in the Oasis’s bottom with scissors or a small drill bit for drainage.

Please fill up your container with water, so it’s about halfway up the sides of your wedding centerpiece. Also make sure everything is nice and snug before placing them on their spot on your table. Voila!

13. Velvet Leaves Bowl Centerpiece

This simple yet stunning centerpiece is perfect for a fall or winter wedding. All you need is a bowl, some velvet leaves, and some candles. Arrange the leaves in the bowl however you like, then add some light tea candles. The flickering flames will warmly glow the leaves, creating a beautiful and romantic atmosphere. You can even use real leaves if they’re readily available!

14. Modular Square Table Centerpiece With Roses and Greenery

square table centerpiece with roses and greenery

This beautiful modular wedding centerpiece is made up of squares of different sizes, filled with roses and greenery. It’s a stunning way to add a touch of nature to your wedding décor. Plus, it’s easy to make yourself. Just get eight square boxes (either the same size or mixed), fill them with greenery, place some rose petals in the center of each box, and then put one on top of another. Then tie a ribbon around each box so they can all be stacked together on the table like this.

15. Floral Fan Wedding Centerpiece

One of the easiest ways to add a touch of elegance to your wedding is with stunning floral fan centerpieces. But you don’t have to spend a fortune to get beautiful results. With creativity and help from your florist, you can create DIY wedding centerpieces that will wow your guests and save you money. You have to add some beautiful flowers to make these centerpieces more attractive.

16. Dimensional Gold Nuggets Centerpiece

Add some glam to your tablescape with this dazzling centerpiece. Gold nuggets arranged in a tall glass vase make a bold statement, while still allowing your guests to see each other across the table. To recreate this look, start by collecting some fake gold nuggets from your local craft store. Then, arrange them in the vase of your choice. For an extra touch of luxury, drape a piece of gold fabric or ribbon around the vase. Finally, add fresh flowers for a vibrant burst of color. With just a few supplies and an afternoon’s worth of work, you can turn this simple centerpiece into something truly special.

If you want to dress it up even more, tie lengths of colorful silk ribbons to the bottom of the vase. In addition, make sure that these ribbons don’t block anyone’s view.


If you’re planning your wedding, there are plenty of decisions to make. You have to take decisions about the dress, the venue, the food, the photographer, and so on. One thing that shouldn’t be overlooked when planning your wedding is your centerpieces. A wedding centerpiece can easily upstage other elements of your wedding design. Therefore, it should be selected carefully to fit in with your theme. These 16 stunning DIY wedding centerpieces are gorgeous and attractive. They can be created with items you likely already have in your home. Whether you’re creating the centerpiece yourself or hiring an expert to do it, make sure to take note of these ideas. And also use them in your wedding planning process!

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