14 Elegant Centerpiece Ideas To Add Christmas Spirit

Christmas comes with a lot of happiness and fun. But the most crucial part is decorating the dining table and home. To attract guests and give them a warm feeling, you must decorate your home and dinner table with stunning centerpieces. 

The centerpiece stand makes your decor look presentable and eye-catching. You need different colors and sizes of centerpieces to decorate your dinner table and home. 

But what if you leave the decor for the last minute? Don’t be stressed out. Here we have some crazy ideas for you. 

Here are 14 elegant centerpieces for Christmas that you need this season. 

14 Elegant Centerpieces For Christmas

Classy Christmas Lights

Talking about Christmas decor and missing the lighting is not possible. Light plays a major in Christmas decor. You can always experiment with the shape and size of the lights. You can put it in different areas of your house to catch the guest’s attention. 

Light works as a centerpiece stand if you use them wisely. Make sure you do not overfill the whole house with lights. Less is more when it comes to Christmas lights. 

Classy Christmas Lights
Source: Decorilla

Easy But Elegant Christmas Tree Décor

The Christmas tree is the biggest centerpieces stand of Christmas decor. Yes, you can always decorate a Christmas tree in very effective ways. The options are limitless when it comes to decorating Christmas. So check out the different ideas of how to decorate your Christmas tree. You have to decorate your tree as per your decor theme. Also, look at your home decoration before decorating your Christmas tree.

Easy But Elegant Christmas Tree Decor
Source: MydDomaine

Apples And Pine Cones

Want an easy-peasy idea to create a table centerpiece? This idea may help you. In this, you have to keep different fruit like green apples, limes, and pine cones in a bowl. You can put the bowl on your dining table. 

And this centerpiece stand will look elegant at the dinner table. Try out this idea if you are short of time. 

Apples And Pine Cones Centerpiece Stand
Source: elledecor.com

Ornament Bowl

For this centerpiece stand, you have to buy a dozen colorful vintage ball ornaments. If you already have ornaments at home, then grab them from there. 

Put a blow on the table and put ornaments on it. And your table centerpieces are ready in no time. 

Ornament Bowl Centerpiece Stand

Wood Slab Chargers

Want to give a rustic look to your table? Try out wood slices. You have to put a wood slice under the plate, just like in the pic. This will look traditional and give your Christmas decor a natural vibe. 

For this table centerpiece stand, you need to buy wood slices from the market or if you have old wood slices, use them. 

Wood Slab Chargers Centerpiece Stand

Tea Lights With Holders

Tea light is completely underrated when it comes to decor. Tea light can give your dinner table an amazing look. You have to buy some amazing tealight holders to make your tea light look gorgeous. 

It is a great option if you don’t want bright light on the table. Try out this centerpiece stand to you make your Christmas decor look elegant. 

Tea Lights With Holders Centerpiece Stands

Candy-Coated Centerpiece Stand

For this centerpiece stand, you have to take a glass vase. And fill the vase with different types of colorful candies like red, green, and silver. Make sure to put the candy in order. And after putting the candies, wrap the whole thing with a bow. 

These table centerpieces will attract children for sure. You can follow this idea to give your decor some colorful and happy vibes. 

Candy-Coated Centerpiece Stand

Have A Blue Christmas

Your Christmas decor does not need to be green and red every time. You can definitely give a try to different colors. and blue is one of the royal colors to try out in Christmas decor. 

Try out this idea if you want a non-traditional centerpiece stand. 

Blue Centerpiece Stands
Source: Forbs Home

Rainbow Gift Box Table Runner

Love colorful things; this idea will definitely work for you. If you want to infuse your dining table with colorful things, consider keeping rainbow gift boxes. 

You have to arrange these gifts in the center of the table. You can either DIY these colorful gift boxes or buy them online. 

It’s a great idea to give a colorful vibe to your Christmas decor. This is a great centerpiece idea to work for your next Christmas.  

Rainbow Gift Box Table Runner Centerpiece Stand

Winter Berry Ice Lanterns

Everyone like something warm and magical, and with ice lanterns, you can create an amazing atmosphere.

These ice candle holders will light up your dining table decor in just a few minutes. This idea is worth trying at Christmas because of the winter season. 

Want something really different from normal Christmas decor? This centerpiece stand will work for you. 

Winter Berry Ice Lanterns Centerpiece Stand
Source: WOMAN’S DA

Snow-Dotted Cone Trees

Are you looking for an inexpensive option for your Christmas dinner table? This is the perfect product for you. Colorful cone trees will bring fun to your table decor and look absolutely amazing. You should give it a try if you are planning a budget-friendly Christmas party. Cones trees can be the perfect centerpiece stand for your dinner table.

Snow-Dotted Cone Trees Centerpiece Stand

Christmas Tree Napkin Fold

This is a very creative idea to follow. If you want guest attention, you have to try his. You don’t need any fancy things for this. All you need is your table napkin. 

You have to fold all your napkin in a way that they will look like Christmas Trees. Here’s how you can do it. You will definitely receive appreciation for this one.     

Christmas Tree Napkin Fold

Add Some Gold Details

Your Christmas decor can’t be complete without adding any gold thing. Gold things always complement dining table decor. 

All you have to do is collect some gold detailing things like mini gold trees, golden baubles, and pinecones. And put them simply in the runner. 

This will make your table decor look simmer which gives a rich feel. And that’s how you can create an amazing centerpiece stand. 

Add Some Gold Details To Centerpiece Stand
Source:  WOMAN’S DAY

Red And White Vase

This is an easy DIY project you love to work on. You can take help from your kids to complete it. First, put a small pillar vessel inside a larger vase. 

Now you must take a glass vase and fill it with 2 colored marbles ( red and white ). Make sure to add marbles in a structure. 

Lastly, put your favorite flower into the inner container. And your centerpiece stand is ready. 

Red And White Vase Centerpiece Stand


Christmas decorations can be a headache for you. With so much work pressure, you’ll feel stressed out. And selecting and buying a centerpiece stand can also be confusing. This list of 14 centerpiece stands will make your work easy. 

You can try out any idea. All these centerpieces will make your decor look fabulous in guests’ eyes. 

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