13 Ideas for Christmas Dessert Table Centerpiece

If you are researching Christmas, you enjoy the festive season and the joy it brings to people. Therefore, you may have to prepare for it adequately to make it fun again.

As part of preparing for Christmas, a few table decorations are necessary. The good thing about Christmas decorations is how flexible they can be. Also, you will get several ideas online on how to do it correctly. So, are you looking for a Christmas dessert table centerpiece? This guide looks at several options that might be available to you.

Small Lighted Christmas Tree

tabletop christmas tree with lights

The Sziqiqi lighted Christmas tree is what you need for a small table decoration. It features a snow-flocked design which is what you want for a Christmas theme. The table decoration has a real pine tree combined with snow-flocked branches to make them as realistic as possible.

It is still a versatile Christmas tree decoration. You can use it for other events such as birthdays, New Year, Halloween, wedding centerpieces, and more.

Woodland Christmas Table

Woodland Christmas Table

Consider making the Christmas table centerpiece as lush as possible. Use live moss, which can easily be bought from florists or even online stores. Live moss is the focal point, surrounded by a bit of stone or a gnarly log. The good thing with moss is that it can stay green for weeks, so it should serve you well during the holiday period.

Add a few ceramic plates and other vital cutlery on the table to make it functional too. Candles would also be nice. Make sure they smell good to put you in the Christmas mood too.

Glass Cake Stands With Ice

Glass Cake Stands With Ice for Christmas dessert table centerpiece

You can always style your glass cake stands, making them suitable for your Christmas dessert table decorations. This time around, we want to make them seem like there are feathers and ice in them.

To achieve such, add some faux greenery that looks like features and then mix it up with clear metallic orbs. Add some glasses too around the decoration to continue with the theme of feathers and ice.

White For Days

table decoration

Since it will be winter during Christmas, it is nice to get something along the same lines. This time around, we can use white Chrysanthemums and branches of white pine to create a Christmas dessert table decoration for winter.

There is also the addition of a pillar candle with a beautiful candle holder to finish the look. Just make sure you use fresh flowers and freshly cut branches to keep the Christmas dessert table decoration looking neat.

Colorful Bowl Of Christmas

Colorful Bowl Of Christmas dessert table centerpiece

One thing about the Christmas dessert table is how you can always play around with color. It should not be a problem to find several colorful ornaments around the house you could use for Christmas dessert table decorations.

Place the colorful ornaments in a bowl and add the bowl to a cake stand covering the remaining space around the stand with some green plants. They can be real or faux, whichever works for you.

Pinecones And Greens For Christmas

Pinecones And Greens For Christmas dessert table

When you want to create sparkling accents, consider pinecones and additional greens on the table. Each time you walk into the room with such a decoration, you can always have something drawing you towards the table setup.

Remember your candle holders. You can fill them with other tiny plants to add more charm to the table’s look. Taper candles would be quite good coming out from this whole design for you to like it.

Classic Roses

Classic Roses for Christmas dessert table centerpiece

The classic roses still look good, even during Christmas. All you have to do is know how best to use them as a Christmas dessert table centerpiece. We recommend combing a red palette of reds with a bit of greenery, just enough to make it look good as a centerpiece. Start by filling a compote bowl with clipped greenery, then add a bouquet of red roses.

You can always play around with rose colors. Christmas is often good, with deep red and dusty pink should be good enough for your holiday needs.

Apple Towers

Apple Towers for Christmas dessert table centerpiece

Green apples can look good during Christmas because of how the color matches the mood for the festive season. So, go ahead to get a glass jar, then fill it with apples. Go for the green apples because you will add more greenery in the background. The loose greens you add in the background give you a wintery feel.

Another trick is to add a mirror to the Christmas dessert table and place the glass jar filled with apples on top of it. Do the same for the greens, candles, and ball ornaments too. This should make it have more depth with the mirror added.

Lantern Christmas Dessert Table Centerpiece

Lantern Christmas Dessert Table Centerpiece

Lanterns set up on the table can be another good pick for your Christmas dessert table decorations. The good thing about lanterns is how they can take different designs vital for ensuring the decoration looks good.

We recommend going for three lanterns equally spaced on the table. Add a piece of cloth running along the table, then add more greens. You should always add more greenery to your decoration to make it striking. The good thing about this decoration is that it will remain good enough even after Christmas is done.

Christmas Woodland Charm

Christmas Woodland Charm

You will need a two-tier cake stand for this decoration. Add moss to the cake stand to create a woodland forest. A bit of dusting would help create faux snow to bring life into your forest. Add more details, such as the evergreens, glass balls, and pinecones. Finish it off with reindeer cookies placed on the two levels of the cake stand.

Anyone interested in a beautiful Christmas dessert table decoration would not have a problem with this one. As always, be more creative and add as many decorations as possible to make them your own.

Holiday Spirit Decorations

colorful table decoration centerpiece

If your family enjoys celebrating Christmas and Hanukkah, this is another perfect centerpiece for the two holidays. You can have a menorah on one side and then a silver tray filled with colorful ornaments. The ornaments are one of the best things to get as they allow you to try out different colors and have fun with them.

Easy And Quick Flower Arrangement

diy flower arrangement for Christmas dessert table centerpiece

A flower arrangement is a good thing for you to consider. It is simple, and you can do it easily at home with your own supplies. Get the flowers from your garden or a florist close to you.

Do not just use plain cans to hold the flowers. We advise you to consider covering the coffee cans with wrapping paper and then tie with a ribbon. Make a beautiful knot for the cans to look outstanding.

Some of the best flowers to consider include baby’s breath and white carnations since they are easy to find. As always, do not forget the greens freshly cut from your yard.

Ornaments Pyramid

Ornaments Pyramid for Christmas decorations

You can also create a pyramid of ornaments in various colors that you like. You could use a compote to help stack as many ornaments as possible. You can place some loose evergreens between the ornaments for the usual green look.

The taper candle holders can be ideal for decoration. Add ornaments on top of the candle holders for more detail on the Christmas dessert table centerpiece.


A good Christmas dessert table centerpiece will be a good thing to consider as you want to make your festive season colorful and good. Since you may be spending more time indoors, you will be okay with making the table centerpiece look good. Try to make it even outlast Christmas. This is because New Year celebrations are always around the corner, and there is no need to put up more decorations.

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