13 Candle Lanterns for Wedding Centerpieces

Wedding centerpieces can say a lot about what someone likes. That is why you might see different things used as centerpieces, including flowers, art, candle lanterns, and other decorations.

Will candle lanterns be good wedding centerpieces? Since we have mentioned it as part of the wedding centerpieces, it is good to see how best to apply it. Below, we look at various scenarios when candle lanterns would be good for wedding centerpiece application. 

1. Telephone Booth

Telephone Booth candle lanterns

It could be that you are trying to go for the travel or old-school theme where the phone booth is a big deal. Some people are also collectors of such things, which is why the telephone booth lantern can be a good idea. 

We recommend pairing it with other similar centerpieces so that it can leave a lasting impression on the guests attending the wedding. 

2. Pineapple Candle Holder

Pineapple Candle Holder

The good thing about lanterns is that they are available in different shapes. Rather than using the boring normal shapes, you can be radical and pick a pineapple candle lantern. Since you will use it for a wedding centerpiece, you also want it to make a statement. 

Make sure it has the right candle size, and the lantern glass is well-cleaned for the best look. 

3. Beaded Lantern 

Beaded candle Lantern

You are probably used to seeing lanterns with glass covering, but it is different this time. This one is finished in beads making it look different and something that would have many people talking about it. 

Some people may take it upon themselves to use it as a creative challenge. This is where they can create the beaded lantern at home to have their personal touch. You can see that the supplies would be easily available. 

4. Wooden Candle Lantern 

Wooden Candle Lantern

Sometimes, the candle lanterns can be simple. You just need a wooden frame to create the wooden candle lantern. Insert a glass candle holder in the frame and add a few flowers too, to give it a complete look. Now you should have a centerpiece for your wedding table.

It is possible to create a rustic charm with this kind of lantern.  Of course, the use of additional wedding flowers helps complete the look. Most people opt for ribbons and white roses. 

5. Jar Lanterns 

Jar Lanterns

Sometimes you can use what is available in your house to create beautiful lanterns. For this part, get a jar from your kitchen cabinet, fill it with a bit of sand, and add a candle to it. Just like that, you now have a nautical-inspired candle lantern. 

If you have to hang the lantern, simply attach some ropes around its neck, and you should have an easy-to-use lantern generally. 

6. Victorian Lantern 

Victorian Lantern

Who would not want to experience the vintage look of victorian times? That is why we have this type of lantern available. 

The victorian time was full of sophisticated items, and the lantern brings back memories. The good thing about this lantern is that you can certainly use it for other decorations, not just weddings. Such versatility is what you need because not every day is going to be a wedding day. 

7. Colonial Rectangular Lantern

Colonial Rectangular Lantern

You can still opt for the oblong candle lanterns like the one pictured above. Such lanterns are good for holding different candle sizes in the same space. Depending on your needs, you can use them for pillar or even votive candles.

Add flowers or dried lavender to the lantern to create a romantic vibe. Also, you can get lanterns in different colors to have something that looks good for your wedding centerpiece. 

8. Rattan Candle Holders

Rattan Candle Holders

Yes, you can also get rattan lanterns for your wedding centerpiece. These lanterns are best suited for those looking for a bohemian wedding style. Such lanterns are excellent decorative pieces for the wedding table. 

Other than using rattan lanterns for candles, the same can also hold flowers. You just have to be creative with the flower arrangement, and you should have something good. Also, we recommend putting the smaller candles at the center of the lantern to avoid lighting it. 

9. Moroccan Style Candle Lanterns 

Moroccan Style Candle Lanterns

You can also choose a candle holder with unique designs, such as Moroccan-style lanterns. This type of lantern is built to celebrate Moroccan culture, and you would find it stylish and sophisticated simultaneously. It is a nice way of making the wedding table look beautiful. 

This is a great lantern for couples looking for an elegant wedding centerpiece that would capture the attention of different guests at the wedding. 

10. Geometric Lanterns 

Geometric candle Lanterns

The name should give you an idea of what the lanterns look like. This is mostly where the manufacturers include shapes and geometry to make the lanterns beautiful. Like what you see above, it has many shapes that work together. 

We can recommend using tealight candles or votive candles to steal the show. Have them put on the table and combined with some flower petals to enjoy the final look of the lanterns. 

11. Mirrored Candle Lanterns 

Mirrored Candle Lanterns

This would be another top pick as a candle lantern for a wedding centerpiece. The main reason for choosing it will be how sleek it is. You can find it good for outdoor wedding accessories as the final look when the candles are lit will be good to stare at. 

A lot of thought goes into making such beautiful pieces. We have seen some lanterns with different shapes but with the same concept. If you decide to do one at home, it will be quite interesting to see the results. This is a candle lantern if you want a minimalist style. 

12. Lighthouse Lantern 

Lighthouse Lantern

This could be the best lantern for those seeking a nautical tone for their wedding celebration. Just as the name suggests, this candle lantern would be in the shape of a lighthouse. Luckily, you should find such lanterns in different colors. So, pick one with the right color to fit your theme. 

Also, you can pair it well with a beach wedding to have something the guests would discuss. We still recommend using the lantern in combination with flowers. At a wedding, flowers will always bring out the best decoration you need. 

13. Simple And Functional 

candle lantern with plants

Sometimes, you do not have to go extreme with a wedding centerpiece. This is because even simple designs can still make the wedding decoration look good. 

Looking at the one shown above, we can see that with a sleek gold lantern and a bit of surrounding greenery, you should have a simple, functional, but still, beautiful wedding centerpiece to use. As you can see, you may not have to spend so much on getting candle lanterns for your wedding. 


Looking at the candle lanterns mentioned above, we can see that you will have plenty of options for your wedding centerpieces. Some are easy to make at home, while others you are better off purchasing. Whichever the case, always consider the theme you are going for and find the right lantern for the job. Of course, compare several models to find the right lantern that suits your style. 

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