12 Non-floral Centerpieces for Your Home Decorations

If you’re looking to add a little class to your home, but don’t want to stick with tradition (and money), then it’s time to explore the world of non-floral centerpieces. These centerpiece ideas will be more affordable than your regular floral variety and give you something unique and exciting for your home decor that isn’t easily found at other stores or in traditional homes. Once you start looking at these non-floral centerpiece ideas, you might be surprised by how many options there are!

Top 12 Classy Non-Floral Centerpieces for Your Home

Look at 12 classy and popular non-floral centerpieces for your home décor.

White Rocks

White Rocks for home decor

Sans non-floral centerpieces, arrange a cluster of white rocks in the center of your table and fill the gaps with live green plants. All you need is dirt and a bucket, but if you’re looking to impress. Make sure you buy top-quality rocks that aren’t likely to crumble or contain loose pebbles. For example, take this quick quiz: If a stone looks rough on one side and smooth on the other, which side should face up? Smooth.

The smoother side will look more polished when displayed in your home. Not only are these rocks less expensive than most floral arrangements, but they also help keep your house cool! White quartz stones have been shown to reduce the temperature by as much as 20 degrees Fahrenheit.

Marble Blocks

Marble block centerpieces come in many shapes, sizes, and colors, so it’s easy to find one that perfectly suits your decorating needs. The downside is that marble blocks are more expensive than flowers. Any bouquet or arrangement can’t match the beauty of this non-floral centerpiece. When buying marble blocks, buy from a reputable company if you are unsure of their origin and quality. When you get the product home, inspect them before unpacking them; check for chips or other flaws on the surface.

And also examine the interior for cracks or veins. If there is an issue with your order, don’t try to return it to the store! Call customer service at the marble dealer, and they will work with you. The next time you are looking for a classy centerpiece, think about using marble blocks, as they can make an impact in any room.

Metal Triangles

non-floral centerpiece Metal Triangles

Metal triangles are a great centerpiece idea. They’re reusable, durable, and can be found at most party stores. They come in many colors, so you can find a set that matches your event’s color scheme. Arrange them in any shape or configuration as you please. Then fill in the spaces with your favorite flowers, flowers of the season, or maybe even party props! These non-floral centerpieces work well for all occasions because they can be dressed up or down depending on your needs. You can use metallic tablecloths, candles, votives, crystals, etc.

To dress them up, taper candles, pillar candles, votives, etc. Place them on top of a cake stand, cupcake stand, or plate (depending on how big the display is). Then fill in the spaces with cupcakes, chocolate-covered strawberries, and candies.

Wood Stack

Wood Stack for non-floral centerpiece

Instead of choosing flowers at the center of your table, consider something that will still set the mood without costing you a fortune. To have an elaborate non-floral centerpiece without paying an arm and a leg, it is imperative to know the difference between a focal point and an accent. Choose one or two larger pieces that can make a statement to create an eye-catching focal point.

For example, place a vintage lampshade on top of some stacked books. Alternatively, if you are looking for an accent piece instead, use some decorative boxes with candy inside or a few candles placed neatly together in front of some large pillar candles to make them appear stacked on each other.

Large Vases Without Plants

Large Vases Without Plants for non-floral centerpiece

Are you planning a party and having lots of space? These non-floral centerpiece vases work great on their own. Try setting up stations around the house with cocktails and hors d’oeuvres in vases. This is an excellent opportunity to bring guests into your home, and you can switch out tables from the living room to the dining room, etc. Plus, these vases won’t get in the way if people start dancing!

Fill them with water so they look fuller than they are, and use votive candles as decoration. Smaller vessels also impact when set together- try making it a DIY project by using terracotta pots or wood trays and covering them in moss. Keep some outside too! They’re perfect for gardens or patios. Click here to buy some realistic vases.

Clear Stones in Tiers

Clear Stones in Tiers for non-floral centerpiece

Using rocks, stones and crystals is a classy way to add color and decoration to your home. They are available in various shapes, sizes, and colors, so it’s just a matter of finding the right type that best suits your style. An excellent way to do this is by placing them in tiers on top of one another. You can even use different types of stone together if you want a more dramatic effect. One idea would be using large white boulders as the base with more little, colorful pebbles on top.

The beauty of these centerpieces is that they are both practical and decorative. They can be used to hold candles or fruit or whatever else you like while also looking pretty at the same time. Place the ones you have strategically around your home and enjoy their earthy tones.

Shelf As A Base

A classic and classy way to showcase your non-floral centerpiece is with a pedestal or pot on a shelf. Choose one that matches the shape of your table and can easily slide under it when not in use. With the shelf as a base, you can display any variety of accessories, including candlesticks, vases, food platters, books, and candles. If you have many smaller items, place them together in a neat row. For more oversized items like plants, flowers, or bowls of fruit- fill up the space on either side and create an attractive arrangement.

An excellent choice is to pick something out of season, such as citrus fruits from wintertime. Candles also look stunning in this type of setup, so if you want to light some, make sure they’re tall enough, so they don’t poke out over the edge.

Blossoming Cactus

Blossoming Cactus for non-floral centerpiece

A blooming cactus is an easy option to please your guests when looking for a low-cost, low-maintenance, and unique centerpiece. All you need is one of the cacti from your local grocery store or florist and a plastic plant pot. Buy a cactus with as many spikes as possible since this will make it look more full than one with only two to three. Place the cactus in the pot and arrange the points how you want them to be displayed. Fill the bottom part of the pot with sand or soil so that it can absorb water.

Put a glass or vase on top of the cactus to hold water for it so that the soil does not get too wet. Leave about 1 inch of space between the top of the ground and the rim of the glass so that there is room for air circulation. Check up on your cactus often and replace any water that evaporates because it may rot if not given enough moisture.

Heirloom Canisters

Heirloom canisters are a lovely way to add non-floral centerpiece decoration to your home without using flowers. If you have heirloom canisters (or even those expensive flimsy ones that seem cool but don’t last long), take some time and use them in your home décor. Fill with oranges or apples in winter, bunches of herbs in the summer, or anything seasonal you want fresh on hand. The jars are great for recycling too! Use as little pots when planting plants, water bowls, vases, or just set up on the coffee table as décor. Tie ribbons around them to create bows.

You can also purchase new jars and embellishments at any craft store if you’re looking for something fancier than plain jane jars. Plant succulents or cacti in various-sized containers to make a beautiful centerpiece. Add candles or other small items to fill the space, and you have an instant centerpiece.

Wooden Bowls

This rustic centerpiece will fill up any table and make guests feel at home. Plus, it’s a super easy DIY to make. With wooden bowls filled with pinecones, branches, and berries in glass jars, all you need to do is place the centerpieces on your dining room table. The best part? It’s perfect for fall gatherings or winter celebrations, too! If you don’t have enough supplies, hit your local craft store to pick some up before party time rolls around.

Once the holidays are over, keep them out as decorations or set them aside for next year! No matter what, this charming display will never go out of style. Make it in a large or smaller version if you want to fit more on your table; either way, they’ll be the prettiest non-floral centerpiece that guests will remember.

Handmade Crafts

Handmade Crafts for non-floral centerpiece

There are plenty of beautiful, handmade centerpieces that you can create on your own without buying flowers. The best part is they’re just as affordable and gorgeous as any floral centerpiece. Plus, if you choose to use these items as decorations throughout the year instead of seasonal decorations, they’ll work with any period!

One of my favorite non-floral centerpieces is made from an old book or dictionary cover wrapped in ribbon. They are often paired with votive candles or candlesticks. Another option would be using votive candles set into glass dishes lined up side by side along a table runner or something similar.

Taxidermy Animals

A taxidermy animal makes a bold statement in any living space. From a swordfish over the mantel to a tiger lounging next to the window, they’re easily one of the unique non-floral centerpieces we’ve seen. If you don’t have an animal in your home but want one, you can buy or rent from online vendors specializing in those sorts of things. We recommend looking into New York City Taxidermy if you have some heavy research to do before jumping into it! To get started on this project, though, here are three easy steps:

  • Determine which animal would best suit your style and needs.
  • Find out how much time and money it will take to get that specific type of animal.
  • Ensure enough room for the chosen creature and potential children around it.


If you want to dress up your home’s dining or living room coffee table, why not try one of these stunning non-floral centerpieces? They’re much easier to maintain than flowers, last all year round, and take up less space. These properties make them the perfect choice if you live in an apartment or want something that looks beautiful. Use these ideas as inspiration to find the fitting centerpiece to make your home look more luxurious and comfortable!

FAQs on Non-Floral Centerpieces

What Are Non-floral Centerpieces?

Non-floral centerpieces are décor pieces that don’t have flowers as the central focus. They can be anything from a vase of succulents to a jar of paper clips and everything in between. What are some examples?: A jar of paperclips is an excellent example of a non-floral centerpiece. It can go with any color scheme or style of décor and could also double as a place for your pens, pencils, and other desk supplies!

What Can Decor Items be Used as Centerpieces?

Decorative candles, botanical prints, throw pillows, and vases are all excellent decorative items. They can serve as centerpieces. Depending on the event, it is also possible to display glassware, ceramics, or other home accessories as a centerpiece. For example, guests may be seated around a table covered with a linen tablecloth and set with plates to celebrate Thanksgiving dinner.

Guests would then be seated at this table by their hostesses for dinner. Flowers, garlands, and seasonal decor might be added throughout the dining room. It is essential to consider personal preferences when choosing non-floral centerpieces. This is because some prefer traditional displays while others want something more modern or unique.

Do You Have Tips for Using Non-floral Centerpiece Items?

Find the height of your table by measuring from the floor to the center of your tabletop, then divide that number in half. For example, if you have a 3-foot high plateau, you would need items about 18 inches high or lower for an attractive display. Remember to leave some space between each item for visual interest! Taller pieces can be placed at the ends of a long table and short pieces near the edges.

Place taller pieces near corners where there is more room. Use mirrored surfaces and glass containers as accents. Be creative with different textures, colors, shapes, sizes, etc. Ask yourself: What am I trying to say with this centerpiece? What mood do I want to create

Why Use Non-floral Centerpieces in My Home Instead of Floral Arrangements?

The natural look of many of these pieces will compliment your décor. Most non-floral centerpieces are less expensive than traditional bouquets, too! And they’re easy to care for and maintain. If a few flowers die, you can easily replace them or switch them out with something new. You’ll never have to deal with wilted petals or flowers that need trimming! Plus, there is so much variety regarding what you can put in your non-floral arrangement – fruit, succulents, and potpourri. Experimenting with different textures and color palettes can be fun!

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