11 Easter Centerpieces To Add A Touch of Festival Flavor To Your Wedding

Like all other wonders of this world, the change of seasons continues to take us by surprise. And spring is one of them. We as humans love a good celebration. Whether it is the first day of spring or the wedding anniversary, celebrations do bring happiness to life. A wedding that collides with spring comes with tons of opportunities. And it does take some brainstorming and intention. But when done right, it will bring you the perfect spring Easter wedding portrait! If you’re planning a wedding around this time, adding some Easter centerpieces can be a good idea.

Here are 11 methods to add a metallic touch to your Easter wedding.

Metal Vases With Pastel-colored Flowers

Metal vases are a great way to add a touch of class and shine to your wedding decor. The metal vases add a modern and sleek look. So, the soft pastel colors of the flowers add a romantic and delicate touch. You can choose vases in silver, gold, or rose gold for your Easter centerpieces.

This combination creates a beautiful contrast and adds depth to your Easter centerpieces. You can pair this vase with pastel-colored flowers like roses, peonies, or hydrangeas. The metal vases also provide a sturdy base for the flowers. So you can ensure that they stay in place throughout your wedding reception.

Metal Vase for Easter Centerpieces
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Add Easter Eggs in Vases

Easter eggs are an iconic symbol of the holiday, and they can add a touch of whimsy to your Easter wedding decor. You can use plastic eggs filled with candy or small gifts as part of your Easter centerpieces. Or, you can paint real eggs in pastel colors or shimmer and put them in an urn vase.

This simple yet effective addition is a great way to make your wedding decor feel festive and celebratory.

Hang Easter Eggs from Artificial Tree Branches

Hanging Easter eggs from tree branches is a romantic way to add a touch of festival flavor. Select sturdy tree branches and hang the egg using ribbon or twine.

This is a great way to add nature to your wedding decor and add a rustic element to your Easter centerpieces. And, with proper planning and execution, this unique decor idea is sure to impress your guests.

Hang Easter Eggs from Artificial Tree Branches for Easter Centerpieces
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Use Metal Flower Stands to Create Height

Metal flower stands are a versatile decor element that can be mixed in a variety of ways. You can use them to create height on your reception tables. Or you can place these Easter centerpieces at the entrance to your ceremony to create a grand, dramatic entrance. The guests feel the festive atmosphere as soon as they enter your wedding venue.

You can decorate them with pastel-colored flowers, greenery, or even Easter-themed decor, like painted eggs or bunny figurines.

Create a Sweet Table with Pastel-Colored Treats

Easter is a time for sweets, so why not create a sweet table with pastel-colored treats? You can use metal vases and metal candle holders to display your treats. You can decorate with cupcakes, macarons, or candy as easter centerpieces. 

You can decorate the table with different easter centerpieces. You can use Easter-themed decors like bunnies, chicks, or Easter eggs.

Use Metal Vases as Aisle Markers

Metal vases make beautiful aisle markers for your wedding ceremony. Fill them with spring flowers or greenery that match your wedding theme. Also, you can place them along the sides of the aisle.

You can also add personalized touches. For example, attaching small signs or tags with your initials or wedding date. This is a great way to add height and depth to your ceremony space. It also creates a cohesive look with your other metal decor elements.

Create a Floral Archway with Metal Flower Stands

A floral archway is a beautiful way to create a grand entrance to your wedding ceremony. You can use stands to create the archway. Decorate them with pastel-colored flowers, greenery, or Easter-themed decor.

You can place the archway at the entrance to your ceremony space or use it as a backdrop for your ceremony.

Create a Floral Archway with Metal Flower Stands
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Use Metal Candle Holders to Create an Easter Atmosphere

Metal candle holders can be a great way to create a romantic atmosphere in any place. Their sleek and elegant design can add a touch of sophistication and class to your space. You can place candle Easter centerpieces on reception tables or along the aisle. Fill them with pastel-colored candles. Metal candle holders bring an elegant and unique touch to your Easter wedding ceremony. It will amaze your guests.

Create a Stunning Ceremony Backdrop

You can create a stunning ceremony backdrop using metal flower stands. Decorate the stands with pastel-colored flowers or Easter-themed ideas. You can match your wedding theme. 

Create a dynamic and eye-catching backdrop for your wedding ceremony with metal stands. Add a memorable setting for you and your partner to exchange vows and begin your life together.

Use Metal Vases as Wedding Favors

Metal vases make great wedding favors as they are both practical and stylish. You can fill them with fresh or succulent flowers as a thank-you gift to your guests or give them empty to use at home. The vases can be customized with your wedding date or initials for a personalized touch. 

They also serve as a reminder of your special day and can be used as decorative pieces in your guests’ homes.

Whether you’re going for a rustic, romantic, or whimsical vibe, these methods can help.  You can achieve the Easter-inspired Easter centerpieces for the wedding of your dreams.

Choose Easter-Inspired Menu for Your Guests

Easter is a time of celebration and feasting. Adding seasonal dishes to your menu is the perfect way to create a warm and welcoming atmosphere. Consider adding Easter ingredients to the menu. For example, asparagus, artichokes, and fresh berries add color and flavor. You can also serve classic Easter dishes to your guests. Dishes like ham, deviled eggs, and hot cross buns for a more traditional touch.

A thoughtful and well-executed Easter-inspired menu is sure to impress your guests. This will make your wedding day even more memorable.


Adding a touch of Easter to your wedding can create a magical, whimsical atmosphere. Create a festive and joyful ambiance with Easter-themed decors. Make it more personalized with painted eggs, bunnies, and chicks. 
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