11 Elegant Centerpieces For Fall Wedding Table Decors

Fall is the perfect time to get married! When decorating your wedding tables, choose elegant centerpieces to set the mood for your special day. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of 11 of the most beautiful centerpieces for your fall wedding table decor. 

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Falling in Love: 11 Centerpiece Inspirations for a Dreamy Fall Wedding

As the cooler temperatures set in and leaves turn orange and red, the perfect time to plan a fall wedding is here! 

1. Light Orange and Taper Candle Centerpiece

This beautiful light orange and taper candle centerpiece will make your fall wedding table decor stand out. 

This elegant centerpiece is perfect for any wedding celebration, providing a warm and inviting atmosphere. The gorgeous candlelight will add a soft glow to the reception, while the light oranges bring an earthy and festive feel. 

Add some greenery, and you have a wedding-worthy centerpiece that will make an impression.

Light Orange Fall Wedding Table Decor
Source: theknot.com

2. Sweetheart Tablescape with Gold Candle Holders

A beautiful way to enhance the decor of your wedding table is with a sweetheart tablescape featuring gold candle holders. For an elegant look, opt for a metallic color palette with gold candles and candleholders. It will light up your wedding tables with a warm and inviting atmosphere. 

Add some touches of greenery and florals to bring in a rustic touch. You have a gorgeous centerpiece that will indeed be admired. Your guests will be charmed by the intricate details of your wedding table decor!

White Wedding Table Decor
Source: insideweddings.com

3. Pink, White, and Orange Centerpiece in Metal Vase

This stunning pink, white, and orange centerpiece in a metal vase is a beautiful addition to any fall wedding table decor. The blooms’ bright colors contrast with the vase’s modern, minimalist feel, adding charm and elegance to the overall look. 

The combination of pink and white roses, lilies, and mums creates an eye-catching centerpiece that will brighten any wedding table. With its vibrant colors and modern look, this centerpiece will bring warmth and joy to your wedding celebration.

Pink Wedding Table Decor
Source: sziqiqi.com

4. Rose with Dark Greenery in Metal Urn Vase

It is a classic and elegant centerpiece for a fall wedding. A metal urn vase filled with delicate roses in warm shades, from light pinks to burgundy, can be decorated with dark greenery to create a stunning centerpiece. 

The contrast between the vibrant flowers and the darker shades of greenery will give your table settings an eye-catching display. This combination of colors creates a beautiful autumnal vibe perfect for any fall wedding.

Rose with Dark Green Wedding Table Decor
Source: acornflorals.com

5. Moss, Greenery, and Fall Leaves

Fall is the perfect time to bring the outdoors into your wedding. Add a touch of rustic romance to your special day with a centerpiece featuring moss, greenery, and fall leaves. 

It is a great way to embrace the beauty of nature while adding a unique touch to your reception tables. This look surely brings warmth and a natural feeling to your celebration.

Moss, Greenery, and Fall Leaves Wedding Table Decor
Source: cdn0.weddingwire.com

6. Tall Flower Stand Centerpiece

Tall flower stand centerpieces are a perfect choice for an elegant addition to your wedding table decor. Whether filled with roses, peonies, or other seasonal blooms, these towering floral displays can quickly become the focal point of your reception tables. 

Tall flower stand centerpieces are also a great way to add height and interest to your centerpieces without taking up too much space on the table. 

Tall Flower Wedding Table Decor
Source: sziqiqi.com

7. Rustic Mason Jar Centerpiece with Wildflowers

You can’t go wrong with a rustic mason jar centerpiece for a truly stunning wedding table decor.

These create a beautiful yet rustic look that will make your guests swoon. To make this classic centerpiece even more memorable, add a few candles or fairy lights to light up the night!

Rustic Mason Jar Wedding Table Decor
Source: rosehipsocial.com

8. Elegant Candlestick Centerpiece with Roses

This stunning centerpiece adds a touch of romance to your wedding table decor. Using tall, gold candlestick holders, and mixed roses for an instantly sophisticated look. 

This beautiful centerpiece is perfect for an autumn wedding and will bring warmth and beauty to your special day. You can add some greenery or fall leaves to the arrangement for texture and color. With this elegant centerpiece, your wedding table decor will be breathtaking.

Elegant Candlestick Wedding Table Decor with Roses
Source: i.pinimg.com

9. Pumpkin and Succulent Centerpiece

Fall weddings are all about bringing the beauty of the season to life. This pumpkin and the succulent centerpiece is a perfect way to do that. 

Featuring a variety of succulents and a chic white pumpkin, this wedding table decor adds an air of elegance to any event. Fill the rest of your table with greenery, candles, and other seasonal decorations for a look sure to wow your guests.

Pumpkin and Succulent Centerpiece for Wedding Table Decor
Source: ftd.com

10. Birch Log and Wildflower Centerpiece

A birch log and wildflower centerpiece can be an eye-catching addition to any wedding table decor. This unique, rustic piece adds a touch of nature and beauty to the reception tables. With its natural colors, a birch log centerpiece is filled with colorful wildflowers. It creates an elegant and memorable atmosphere. 

The best part is that this stunning centerpiece can be made with items found in nature or from your local craft store. Create a lasting impression on your guests with a birch log and wildflower centerpiece at your fall wedding.

Birch Log and Wildflower Centerpiece for Wedding Table Decor
Source: apis.xogrp.com

11. Vintage Lantern and Eucalyptus Centerpiece

Create a romantic, old-world feel for your wedding table decor with a vintage lantern and eucalyptus centerpiece. This timeless look is easy to assemble and gives your special day a unique flair. 

Place the lantern in the middle of the table. Then fill it with lush eucalyptus branches cascading down the sides. Surround it with candles, ivy, and other greenery to complete the look. It’s an elegant way to infuse your wedding decor with classic charm.

Place Candles in Birdcage Lantern for wedding table decor
Source: sziqiqi.com


Fall weddings provide a stunning backdrop to enjoy the season’s changing colors and cooler temperatures. 

With a few thoughtful touches, your wedding table decor can be transformed into a beautiful centerpiece. The possibilities are endless, from rustic mason jar centerpieces with wildflowers to vintage lanterns and eucalyptus. 

Get creative and embrace the beauty of fall with these 12 elegant centerpieces for your perfect fall wedding.

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