10 Pillar Candle Holders Centerpieces To Make Your Coming Wedding Reception Shine

Weddings are a huge affair! Going for an all-white wedding is the best if you tie the knot. But to give the venue the extra charm, you need gorgeous centerpieces. You may not need a lot of decorations and stuff, but pillar candle holders are always a must.

Here’s a list of 10-pillar candle holders. The reception must be well-designed to reflect the event’s importance. The following will help you do just that.

1. Hanging Metallic Candle Holders

These may differ from the exact centerpieces you are looking for, but they cannot be excluded from the lot.

They can be put up as low-hanging pillar candle holders in indoor dining areas at your wedding. The unique craftwork makes these hanging holders look elegant and attractive.

Hanging Pillar Candle Holders
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2. Metal Gold Pillar Candle Holders in Group

Metal, crystals, and flowers are always a remarkable combination for weddings. The metallic shine, the dazzling crystals, and the soothing fragrance of beautiful flowers.

And if we place white candles amongst all that, they become show stoppers. Tabletop metallic candle holders in groups make delicate centerpieces as wedding decorations.

They come in at least 3 candle placements and usually support big candles. They give a cool vintage look to accompany your wedding theme and embellishments. The pedestals have different heights for variation of design. Some can hold pillar candles, while some cater to votives. Place one that blends perfectly well with your adornment.

Metal Pillar Candle Holders
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3. Candelabra Candle Holders for Wedding Centerpieces

If it is one style that always wins hearts at weddings, it is this. Candelabra pillar candle holders are the perfect centerpiece at every wedding. They blend with every decor and arrangement and are available in many styles.

Place 3 or 5 armed candelabra among your flower arrangements with glowing white candles. They turn out best if you plan on contrasting candle colors with your white decors. They have good height, so they do not block the guest’s view. Their sleek design takes up less space on the table, and the strong base keeps them stable. A timeless piece of decor that is a must as a wedding centerpiece.

Candelabra Pillar Candle Holders for Wedding Centerpieces
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4. Lantern Candle Centerpieces

Lanterns are an unusual yet charming way to create a joyous atmosphere. They come in many design ideas to make your all-white wedding reception shine. They are great pillar candle holders, tealights, or LED flameless ones. What’s more, you can just put a bouquet of flowers in your candle holders to make your table special.

They make great floor embellishments as safe, sturdy, and dignified. Nothing can enhance your day’s celebration more than a fine set of lanterns.

Lantern Pillar Candle Holders Centerpieces
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5. Retro Pillar Candle Holders

If being nostalgic at your wedding is all about, go for the retro look. These contemporary-styled pillar candle holders tune into the celebration mood yet look classy. A smooth aged finish on the holder blends well with any wedding decor set to last in the memories. Moreover, you can place any candle length on it to match the overall look.

Retro Pillar Candle Holders
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6. Metal Wired Pillar Candle Holders

A unique combination of glass and metal is carved in unique designs. These candle holders are perfect for outdoor as well as indoor settings. They are luxurious and graceful and attractive as centerpieces.

Fortunately, they can be placed anywhere as exclusive wedding decor. The glass shields the flames from the wind, and the metal finish adds elegance.

Metal Wired Pillar Candle Holders
Source: junebugweddings.com

7. Glass Hurricane Candle Holder

Glass hurricane candle holders are made of metal frames and transparent glass. The candles are easy to place and can be of varying sizes.

The metallic frame adds sturdiness, while the glass keeps the candles burning. They look best not only as tableware but as exclusive centerpieces. And they are great for decorating staircases, mantles, and cake tables. The subtle look creates a warm, romantic atmosphere and a peaceful dining experience. Also, hurricane candle holders are great decorative DIY pieces for you to add personality to your wedding.

Glass Hurricane Pillar Candle Holder
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8. Floor Pillar Candle Holders

Sleek, slim, yet perfect. These floor pillar candle holders adjust to any setup and arrangement. The metallic gold pillar candle holders have weight to prevent the candles from knocking over.

Their sleek design makes placement easier without blocking the view. No matter what type, each complements the dining arrangement and enhances the beauty.

Floor Taper or Pillar Candle Holders
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9. Mix & Match Metallic Candle Holders

Nothing is more fascinating than a display variation, especially involving candles. Different sizes of metallic pillar candle holders make any place look enchanting.

It enhances the white wedding look with the ease of decorating tables, corners, stairs, etc. A variety of these placements look elegant as centerpieces or for overall adornment.

Mix & Match Metallic Pillar Candle Holders
Source: sziqiqi.com

10. Pillar Candle Pedestals

The pedestals are great decor for wedding centerpieces and vary in style, height, and color. You can grab one in silver or gold to complement your wedding decor. With varying diameters and heights, you can choose between candle thicknesses.

From scented candles to LED flameless candles, anything looks great on them. No matter which one you choose, they make marvelous decorations.

Pillar Candle Holders Pedestals
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Weddings are once-in-a-lifetime events and demand exclusiveness. Your grand wedding with pillar candle holders as centerpieces make it memorable.

And with the variety of options available, you can never go wrong with the decors. So enjoy the day, make memories, and give your guests an unforgettable experience.

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