10 Simple Bridal Shower Centerpiece Vases Decor Ideas

Planning a wedding shower might be a hectic task, but showing the bride-to-be how much you care is also fun. A wedding shower is a wonderful occasion for the bride-to-be, family, and friends. When you are arranging a wedding shower, every detail counts, and the gold centerpieces are a valuable component. A lovely and well-designed venue may set the tone for the event. 

It will make the event for the bride unique and unforgettable. The right gold centerpiece can enhance the event’s elegance and sophistication. It will make it more memorable for everyone involved. 

Check out these ten simple wedding shower décor ideas using gold centerpieces.

Elegant and Classic Metal Vase

A classic and elegant wedding shower decor theme is a safe bet. Here are tips to accomplish this appearance.

  1. Use gold vases with primary, clean lines and fill them with white or cream-colored flowers.
  2. Add a few greenery stems from breaking up the color and provide depth.
  3. Mix the gold vase with traditional table settings.
Elegant Gold Centerpieces
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Romantic and Rustic Centerpieces

Use gold vases with a faded or weathered surface for a more rustic and romantic look. Fill them with flowers or a combination of pink, peach, and white seasonal blossoms. Add some candles and fairy lights for a warm and inviting atmosphere. Combine it with a rustic look like burlap table runners and mismatched old tableware.

Gold Vases for Party in The Garden

A garden party theme is ideal for a wedding shower in the spring or summer. Fill gold vases of various sizes and forms with flowers of vibrant colors. Add plants and herbs like lavender or mint to create a fresh and aromatic ambiance. Use these gold centerpieces with bright linens like floral tablecloths and napkins.

Chic Bohemian Gold Centerpieces

A chic bohemian theme is ideal for a bride who prefers a relaxed and eclectic look. Fill gold vases with pampas grass, feathers, and other natural components in finishes. For a boho look, add some colorful tassels and macrame decorations. The gold centerpieces, like old plates and bright glassware, can be mismatched with the table settings.

Glitzy and Glamorous Table Centerpieces

A glamorous and glitzy theme is ideal if the bride-to-be likes a bit of glitz and glam. Fill gold vases with blingy flowers like orchids or lilies with a shiny appearance. For a spectacular look, use crystal accessories and glittering tablecloths. Pair these gold centerpieces with black and gold dinnerware and crystal stemware. It will give an attractive and formal look to your meal arrangement.

Glitzy and Glamorous Table Centerpieces
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Vases with Palm Leaves for Tropical Theme

Use gold vases with a leaf or palm tree motif and fill them with tropical flowers for a tropical paradise theme. Add some foliage and fruits to create a festive & exotic ambiance. You can use fruits such as pineapples or coconuts. Use the gold centerpieces with vibrant, tropical-inspired dining decorations. You can use things like bamboo plates and tiki glasses.

Glam Vintage Centerpieces

A vintage glam theme is ideal for a bride who adores old Hollywood glitz. Fill gold vases with beautiful and sumptuous flowers in a vintage-inspired pattern. Use vintage items like old cameras or bags to create a nostalgic and great ambiance. Pair these gold centerpieces with lace tablecloths and antique cutlery. It will give a vintage-inspired meal arrangement.

Art Nouveau Centerpieces

A bride who adores the retro and refined aesthetic of the 1920s will love an art deco theme. Fill gold vases with a geometric pattern with solid and graphic flowers like orchids or laceleaf. Add art deco touches like black and gold table runners. You can also use vintage-style prints to create a glamorous and sophisticated environment. You can use the gold centerpieces with black and white plates for an art Deco-inspired dining setting. 

Minimalist and Contemporary Vase Centerpieces

Use primary and sleek gold vases, such as cylindrical or rectangular shapes. Fill them with a single stem or branch of a statement flower for a minimalist and modern aesthetic. Choose simple looks such as concrete or marble components to create a clean and modern ambiance. Pair it with white plates and minimalist cutlery for a clean, modern look.

Monochromatic Table Decorations

A monochrome motif is ideal for a bride who values consistency and style. Fill gold containers of various sizes and shapes with flowers from the same color family. To create a classy ambiance, use monochromatic elements like matching tablecloths or napkins. Use the gold centerpieces with basic and elegant dinner settings like white dishes.


Add beauty and sophistication to your bridal shower decor using gold centerpieces. You can set up a lovely and unforgettable wedding shower for the bride. 

Use these ideas for the bridal shower and showcase your love for the bride. If you are seeking gold vases for your bridal shower, you can head to Sqizizi.com. They provide a large selection of vases and candle holders that would be ideal for your event. Make your event memorable by getting the vases for them.

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