10 Gold Candlesticks Decor Ideas For Your Wedding

Gold candlesticks are a perfect choice if you’re looking for a subtle yet elegant way to decorate your wedding aisle. 

The variety of stunning aisle decorations adds a touch of sophistication to your big day. 

We’ll look at 10 gold candlesticks aisle decor ideas to help you create the perfect atmosphere on your special day. 

So, keep reading to find out which gold candlesticks aisle decor idea will perfectly fit your wedding!

10 Gold Candlesticks Aisle Decor Ideas For Your Wedding 

1. Glitzy Gold Candlesticks with Floral Accents

If you’re looking for a glamorous way to decorate your aisle for your big day, look no further than these gold candle holders with floral accents! 

These sparkling pillar candle holders will surely add a touch of luxury and sparkle to your wedding day. They’re perfect for lighting the aisle while making it look dreamy and elegant. Add a few red rose petals to make them look more abundant and beautiful. 

Your guests will be in awe of this stunning wedding aisle décor!

Glitzy Gold Candlesticks with Floral Accents
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2. Tealight Candlestick Along Aisle

If you want a truly magical look for your wedding aisle, you can’t go wrong with adding tealight candlestick decorations. 

Mix different materials of tealight holders for a more elegant look, such as metal and glass or metal and wooden. Add a few more rose petals around the candle. You will have a fantastic aisle that will take your guest’s breaths away!

Tealight Gold Candlesticks
Source: sziqiqi.com

3. Sparkling Gold Candlesticks

Create a stunning display for your wedding aisle with the gorgeous combination of gold candlesticks and sheer draping.  

Place the gold candlesticks along the aisle and let them shine in the soft lighting. Accentuate this luxurious look with delicate touches of sparkling glitter. Illuminate the aisle and make it sparkle with an enchanting golden glow. 

Transform your wedding into a magical dreamscape!

Gold Candlesticks Around Table
Source: polkadotwedding.com

4. Opulent Candlelit Wedding Aisle with Red Rose Petals

Light up your special day with a regal and romantic feel by decorating your wedding aisle with beautiful gold candlesticks and fragrant red rose petals. 

Place the candlesticks in an alternating pattern on either side of the aisle, and top each one with glowing tea lights. Then, spread the red rose petals along the aisle to create a stunning contrast with the shimmering gold. 

As you walk down the aisle, you will be surrounded by a beautiful golden glow and the sweet aroma of fresh roses. It will be a genuinely lovely moment for both you and your guests!

Opulent Gold Candlesticks Wedding Aisle with Red Rose Petals
Source: theknot.com

5. Majestic Gold Candle Centerpieces with Greenery Garlands

If you arrange your wedding table along aisle, this idea is perfect for you. Create a stunning visual effect with gold candlesticks and lush greenery garlands. The candles on the table will add a dazzling glimmer to your aisle. The garlands of greenery will bring an air of elegance and romance to the atmosphere. This combination will create a stunning centerpiece that will make your guests awe-struck. 

To complete this look, place the garland of greenery around the base of each candle for an exquisite presentation. It’s a beautiful way to set the stage for a memorable and magical ceremony.

Majestic Gold Candlesticks Centerpieces with Greenery Garlands 拷贝
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6. Chic Gold Candlesticks with Books

Create a romantic and vintage feel for your wedding aisle by using gold candlesticks to adorn the area with warm candlelight. Place tall, golden candlesticks along the aisle and decorate them with beautiful flowers or vintage books. 

This elegant look can be further enhanced by adding sheer white drapes or fabric accents to create a dreamy atmosphere. 

Chic Gold Candlesticks with Books
Source: affordableweddingvenuesandmenus.com

7. Regal Candlesticks with Hanging Crystals

Add a touch of elegance and royalty to your aisle decor with a breathtaking regal candle arrangement featuring candlesticks and sparkling hanging crystals on your wedding table.

You don’t have to put all these decorative pieces on the ground. Instead, place them as your table centerpieces. These glamorous centerpieces provide an alluring ambiance with soft, flickering candlelight and enchanting crystal accents. 

Choose from various shapes, sizes, and colors of crystal pendants to create a stunning effect and ensure your wedding aisle looks stunning. 

Let these candle arrangements transport your guests to a beautiful, fairy-tale world on your special day!

Regal Aisle Candlesticks with Hanging Crystals
Source: sziqiqi.com

8. Luxe Gold Wedding Candle Holders with Mirror Trays

Why not try combining mirror trays with gold wedding candles for a truly luxurious and unique decor? Mirror trays make for an eye-catching base for the candles, reflecting the warm candlelight for extra sparkle. 

Place small flower petals or gold accents on the trays to complete the look. The finished look will create a stunning and glamorous ambiance that your guests won’t forget!

Gold Candlesticks with Mirror Trays
Source: Romadedi Store

9. Metal Lanterns Along the Aisle

Create a dreamy and magical atmosphere on your wedding day with glass and metal lanterns filled with candles. This stunning decor will bring an extra touch of elegance and sophistication to your special day. 

Place the lanterns along the aisle and fill them with dripping pillar candles for a shimmering and captivating look. The candlelight’s warm glow combined with the wooden lanterns’ rustic charm will surely make a lasting impression on your guests.

Metal Lanterns
Source: theknot.com

10. Elegant Gold Candlestick Decor

This decor idea is perfect for a luxe and sophisticated wedding. Candlesticks are draped in beautiful silk ribbons in various shades of white, gold, and cream. Place them down the aisle and create a romantic and chic atmosphere for your ceremony. 

Enhance this look with fresh blooms or garlands of greenery to add an extra pop of color. This timeless decor choice will impress all your guests and be remembered for years.

Elegant Gold Candlestick
Source: theknot.com


Are you looking to add a touch of luxury to your wedding aisle decor? Consider using gold candlesticks! Whether you use real candles or battery-operated ones, they’ll add a touch of glamour to your ceremony.

Try using candlesticks as centerpieces on your reception tables if you want something more modern. You can arrange them in a cluster with other vases and candles or keep them simple by placing one at each table.

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