10 Low Candle Holders Wedding Centerpieces That Are Romantic

You’ve come to the right place if you’re looking for low wedding centerpieces to perfect your big day. For a chic and contemporary look, opt for a set of gold candle holders with slender tapers. Or, if you’re after something a little more romantic, try a batch with delicate floral details. If you want to add height to your tablescape, choose a set of tall candlesticks. 

So, light ’em up and let the romance shine.

Create an Intimate Atmosphere: Low Candle Holder Wedding Centerpieces

When it comes to candle holders, there is no wrong or correct answer. However, if you’re looking for a romantic centerpiece for your wedding, some of the following ideas may be perfect!

1. Vintage Candle Lantern with Wooden Tray

Create a romantic atmosphere at your wedding with this classic vintage candle lantern. 

With its unique wooden tray, it’s the perfect centerpiece to add a touch of nostalgia. The glass and metal lantern gives off a gentle glow that will light up any celebration. Place it on a table or hang it from a wall or ceiling to create a beautiful light display. 

With its timeless design, this candle holder will make an impression on your guests.

Gold Candle Holders Lanterns
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2. Classic Metal Taper Candle Holders Wedding Centerpiece

For a classic and sophisticated look, opt for a row of gold candle holders along the center of the table. This option creates a beautiful and elegant atmosphere for any wedding. 

Combining tall and short taper gold candle holders arranged in a line will create a warm and inviting ambiance. For a more romantic touch, use votive candles with white or ivory candles to add a soft and romantic glow. 

Taper Gold Candle Holders
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3. Colorful Candle Centerpieces

Adding bright and colorful elements to your centerpieces is a great way to bring life to any wedding. One of the most popular methods is to use small colorful candles. Gold candle holders with colorful candles are an attractive way to add some shine to your reception. 

Gold Candle Holders with Colorful Candles
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4. Short Votives in Gold Votive Candle Holders

Votives are perfect for a gold candle holder centerpiece that creates an intimate atmosphere. Gold candle holders are especially eye-catching, as their warm golden tones create a romantic effect on any table. 

Place the votives in small groups of three or four for maximum impact. Place the votives close enough together to ensure that their flames reflect off one another. 

Why not use metallic tealights or rose gold candles for an extra luxury touch? Whichever you choose, these votives will light up your special day with a genuinely romantic glow.

Tealight Gold Candle Holders
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5. Small Metal Candelabra Wedding Centerpiece

An elegant and timeless option for a wedding centerpiece is the metal candelabra. These candelabras come in various sizes and shapes, but all feature several arms adorned with beautiful gold candle holders. 

Place your metal candelabra in the center of the table, or pair it with other gold pillar candle holders for an intimate look. You can even place flowers or greenery between the gold pillar candle holders for an extra special touch for a romantic, airy effect. 

Candelabra Gold Candle Holders
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6. Gold Pillar Candle Holder Centerpieces

For a truly romantic wedding centerpiece, try using gold pillar candle holders. Place them down the center of the table and light them with tall white or ivory candles. 

The soft light of the candles will create an intimate atmosphere, while the gold color of the holders will add a luxurious touch to your reception. Choose different sizes and heights and fill the table with varying pillar heights for a truly show-stopping effect. 

Pillar Gold Candle Holders
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7. A Line of Gold Candle Holders Down the Center of the Table

To create a truly romantic atmosphere at your wedding, consider adding a line of gold candle holders down the center of your tables. 

It can be achieved with various sizes and colors of candles and candle holders, such as tall tapers, small votives, or even gold candle holders. It will create a stunning effect that is sure to wow your guests! 

A line of low candle holders down the center of the table will add a beautiful and elegant touch to your event.

A Line of Gold Candle Holders Down the Center of the Table
Source: brides.com

8. A Ring of Tealight Candle Holders Around a Large Centerpiece

Add a romantic touch to your wedding reception with a ring of tealight candle holders surrounding a giant centerpiece. It is a simple yet elegant way to transform any wedding reception table into a romantic, intimate setting. 

A Ring of Tealight Candle Holders Around a Large Centerpiece
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9. Metal Hanging Birdcage Lantern

For those looking for something more romantic, why not go for the metal hanging birdcage candle lanterns? With their intricate pattern and intricate iron design, they’ll be a great way to show your guests that you care about the atmosphere of your wedding.

Metal Hanging Birdcage Lantern
Source: sziqiqi.com

10. Crystal Ball Tea Light Holder

For a soft, romantic look that adds an elegant touch to your wedding decor, try the crystal ball tea light holder. 

The tea light dances off the glass, giving off a warm, inviting glow. It is the perfect addition to any wedding celebration.

Crystal Ball Tea Light Holder
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Low candle holder wedding centerpieces can add a touch of romance to any wedding celebration. With the right design, these centerpieces can become the perfect backdrop for an unforgettable ceremony. Another advantage of low centerpieces is that they won’t block the view of the guests.

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