10 Best Modern Candle Wall Sconces For Living Room

The beauty of a wall in a home is defined by attractive decorations attached to it, which improve your home’s image. You can choose from family pictures to hanging mirrors and candle sconces. Traditionally candle sconces are placed on tables or flat surfaces. However, with modern candle wall sconces, you can modernize the look of your room beautifully.

Here are the 10 top modern candle wall sconces designed for your living room that is not to be missed.

Top 10 Modern Candle Wall Sconces

Geometric Wall Mounted Pillar Candle Holders

The first design in our list is a three-dimensional geometric design of candle sconces by Sziqiqi. These modern candle wall sconces are made from durable metal. The round candle holder is at the bottom center and recreates the reflection of the beautiful design on the wall.

There are two color options, black and golden which you can select according to your taste. Another benefit of this design is its unique hexagonal shape. As a result, you can buy two or three patterns that complement your living room.

Geometric Modern Candle Wall Sconces

Wall Decor Black Candle Holder

Give your living a modern yet vintage look with black modern candle wall sconces. The design is a piece of art with a swirling iron pattern. These stylish candle wall sconces come in pairs of two. They perfectly enlighten the overall theme of your living room. You can place them in your bedroom, kitchen, hallway, dining room, office, etc. 

These holders are foldable and come with a nail to fix your candlestick for prolonged use. This design is beneficial as the reinforced plates will gather all the wax. It will also prevent your floor or furniture from damage and prevent the candle from falling.

Black Modern Candle Wall Sconces

Metal Candle Sconces For Wall Decorations

These modern candle wall sconces will uplift your living room, dining room, and bedroom. The candle stand is a flat surface slate fixed in the center of a convex sconce with glass cups to put the candle inside. The black color gives it a premium look that complements any wall color in your home.

Another benefit of this design is placing it in a pair or fixing them separately in your home. For instance, put one near your door on the outside wall for an elegant look, and set the other candle sconce in your dining area.

Metal Modern Candle Wall Sconces

Metal Wall Candle Sconce For Living Room

These candle sconces are the only spherical sconces on our list. The reason is the less-crowded design that defines class and modern candle wall sconces. In addition, the material gives this candle sconce durability and a low chance of bending. According to your preference, there are three color options: black, gold, and rose gold. Inside the circular design, the simple abstract design is an extra edge. The candle holders are in the center, suitable for pillar and tea lights. Like other candle sconces, these sconces come in pairs and can be used together or separately. 

Decorate your home with these modern wall candle sconces or gift them to your loved ones on their birthday, wedding day, or Christmas. 

Modern Candle Wall Sconces For Living Room

Wall Candle Holder Decorative Candle Sconces

These candle sconces are part of our list due to their retro look, a vintage design with an Eastern pattern. The long metallic shape makes it ideal for your wall decoration. 

Fix the pair in your dining room to add color to your romantic date nights. When you have this unique design, no color other than black complements the design perfectly. These modern candle wall sconces are the perfect idea for presents.

Decorative Modern Candle Wall Sconces

Wall Candle Holders For Living Room Decoration

These candle sconces are unique designs in our best modern candle wall sconces. The solo-artistic design resembles a side chandelier that holds the pillow candles or tea light instead of an LED bulb. Black, gold, and rose gold color options give you variety. The outer end of the sconce has a plate to place the candles. The building material is metal with an anti-rust layer that results in long-term use and a strong structure.

You can fix them to décor inside your house or near the entrance gate for a different look.

Modern Candle Wall Sconces For Room

Shelving Solution Candle Wall Sconce

Shelving Solution is one of the leading companies in making wall decorations and candle sconces. These modern candle wall sconces are the true reflection of their work. At a glance, the design is simple yet futuristic and decent. 

The long rectangular metal frame is durable and layered with anti-corrosion features. The three squared boxes with two crossing poles complement the overall look. In addition, the large glass cover gives the whole candle sconce an eye-catching look. 

The best way to use this sconce is with LED light candles instead of a flame candle to avoid black marks on the glass. All in all, this is a good product for home decoration.

Shelving Solution Modern Candle Wall Sconces

Yorkmills Sconces Wall Decor

Another product on our list is Yorkmills, which specializes in beautiful wall decors and modern candle wall sconces. This candle sconce is made from high-quality wood (the first on our list). The three wooden pillars are attached from the sides, with a wooden stand at the bottom to place your candle of choice.

The added benefit of this design is the freedom of placing any decoration if you want to replace the candles.

Yorkmills Modern Candle Wall Sconces

Cuffup Wall Candle Holder Sconces

If you want to give your home a raw and vintage look with nothing but the wood in its original form shaped in a candle sconce? Then this candle sconce from Cuff-up is the perfect choice for you. However, no one wants raw wood; this product is treated through 6 grinding and calcination to give it a modern candle wall sconce look. 

The flat plate is fixed in the middle and hand-crafted for a perfect finish. You can use this structure for pillow candles and other decorations. Place it in your bedroom, living room, hallway, or even on your staircase; it will surely look elegant.

Cuffup Modern Candle Wall Sconces

Rustic Modern Candle Wall Sconces Decor

Lastly, you can decorate any living room or bedroom with this farmhouse-style candle sconce from MANKOVENT. The idea behind this design is artistic and unique, giving it a rustic yet modern candle wall sconce look. 

Two wooden panels with hanging chained mason jars come with flameless pillar candles. These candles are better alternatives to wax candles as they have long-lasting life. In the end, this a good product to décor your home.

Rustic Modern Candle Wall Sconces


Candle wall sconces improve the overall looks of your home. All these candle wall sconces are modern in design and look elegant. You can choose any of them to give your home an uplifting look. In addition, this list gives you a unique Christmas gift idea for your friends.

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