10 Best DIY Centerpiece Stand For Your Big Day

Big days like a wedding always come with so many responsibilities. So many things have to do at a wedding and decoration is one of them. But the thing is, if you buy every centerpiece stand from the market, it will definitely increase your expense. 

And, in that case, you can surely DIY some centerpieces for your big day. DIY centerpieces on your wedding day will give you a personal touch, and you’ll feel more attached to your wedding decor. 

Also, they will gain guests’ attention as handmade things attract people. Making some DIY centerpiece stands allows you to plan your wedding decor as you want. 

But how to make DIY centerpieces. 

Here we are going to give you 10 ideas for DIY wedding centerpieces. 

Take a look! 

10 Centerpiece Stand For Your Wedding 

DIY Birdcage Centerpiece

Do you love flowers? If yes, this can be the perfect DIY centerpiece stand for you. 

In this DIY, you only need a birdcage and some seasonal flowers. You can make an amazing DIY centerpiece using a white birdcage filled with baby’s breath. 

You can put any flower as per your wish in the cage but make sure your flower is available in that season and keep the price in mind. You can also use fairy light to give your centerpiece a more elegant look. 

And that’s how your amazing low-budget centerpiece is ready. 

DIY Birdcage Centerpiece Stand

DIY Flowers In Bottles Centerpiece

Your big day is near, and you don’t have time to make a 4 steps DIY centerpiece stand. This idea is perfectly made for you. 

For this DIY centerpiece, you need simple glass bottles and containers in different sizes and shapes. And now fill these different size jars with artificial flowers. If you want to use real flowers, then get them from near local shop one day before your wedding. 

You can also take flowers from your garden if you already have a good collection of flowers in your garden. 

This simple jar filled with white and pink flowers will surely give an amazing look to your wedding decor. 

DIY Flower In Bottle Centerpiece Stand

DIY Glittered Tealight Holder Centerpiece

Want to try something else than just flowers; this idea can work for you. 

In this DIY centerpiece stand, you’ll need old glass tealight holders. All you have to do is spray the gold glitter into the glass holders. Now you can easily keep a tealight candle in them. 

This DIY centerpiece stand will warm the environment at a winter wedding. This will light up the mood of guests automatically. You can put this tall centerpiece on the dinner table. 

DIY Candle Holder Centerpiece Stand

DIY Ice & Fire Centerpiece

Want to set up a romantic mood? Nothing can be better than this centerpiece stand. For this idea, you have to take some clear containers and filed them with faux ice and candles. And these simple DIY centerpieces will look fabulous on your wedding dinner table. 

The mixture of ice and fire will give a warm atmosphere. If you want to experiment with this DIY, you can put fairy light and tealight into the container. 

DIY Ice And Fire Centerpiece Stand

DIY Glass Bottles In A Metal Basket Centerpiece

This is a simple yet beautiful DIY method. 

For this idea, you need a set of 3 glass jars or bottles. Now take an iron holder (metal basket ) and put these 3 jars in the basket. Now choose some white and yellow color flowers and put them into the jar. You can also take white color rose. 

To make it look more elegant, you can put some herbs and even tealight in the jars. Use this DIY centerpiece stand at the dinner table. 

DIY Glass Bottles In A Metal Basket Centerpiece Stand

DIY Candles Centerpiece

Candles DIY never gets old when it comes to decor. A candle can give you the wedding charm that you strive for. To make it more aesthetic, all you have to do is take pillar candles. 

Now put the candles in a decorative tray, just like in the picture. The extra thing you can add is a seeded eucalyptus. And your DIY centerpiece stand is ready to display on your big day. 

DIY Candles Centerpiece Stand

DIY Tin Box & Candles Centerpiece

If you love flowers and candles, both. This DIY centerpiece stand is perfect for you. All you need is an old tin box. The old tin box comes in handy when trying DIY at home. These tin boxes can create an amazing look for your wedding. 

Put a tin box on your dinner table and add some candles on top of it. You can complete this DIY centerpiece stand by putting some flowers on it. 

The combination of flowers and candles will definitely light your wedding and guest’s mood. 

DIY Tin Box & Candles Centerpiece Stand

Feature A Fruit Bowl

Technically this is not a DIY centerpiece stand, but it is a good option to decorate your dinner table. Take a large glass blow filled with some colorful fruits. You can add fruit like peaches, berries, oranges, lemons, and pomegranates.

This way, your table will look aesthetically pleasing. Also, this is a great way to decorate your table without spending a penny. Different colors and textures will definitely enhance the beauty of the table. If your wedding theme is colorful, then this DIY is perfect for you. 

Feature A Fruit Bowl
Source: foter.com

Mix Multiple Vases

Want an easy way to decorate your dinner table? This idea can be helpful for you. In this, all you need to do is to collect the different sizes and styles of vases and put them together on a table. 

This will give your table an instant boost of a cool and boho vibe. To make it more pleasing, you can add white bloom to the vases. 

And your centerpiece stand is ready. 

The mixture of flowers and different sizes of vases will look amazing. And you should definitely give it a try at your wedding.

Mix Multiple Vases As Centerpiece Stand
Source: Brides.com

DIY Fairytale Lantern Centerpiece Stand

Want a fairytale wedding? This DIY centerpiece can steal your heart. For this DIY, you need an aged-white metal lantern. You can put a pillar candle under the lantern and put some flowers on top of it. 

This will look great in your reception hall. Make sure that lantern color and style go with your wedding theme. 

You can definitely try out this idea to bring fun to your wedding decor. 

DIY Fairytale Lantern Centerpiece Stand


Your wedding will be one of the most memorable days for you. And you just want to make it more gorgeous for sure. To bring more fun to your wedding decor. You can try out these 10 centerpiece stands. 

These 10 DIY centerpieces can turn your wedding decor gorgeous. Also, it will not take a lot of time and effort, so you can easily DIY them. 

Give these DIY a try, and thank us later.

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