10 Best Crystal Pillar Candle Holder Ideas For Wedding

Everyone wants to embellish their wedding with art and a dreamy vibe. Candlelight adds a warm ambiance and a romantic feel to your wedding. Candles are always considered romantic and are a great addition to your wedding tables as they augment the sparkle and accent the tablespaces. The wavering flames create a tawny blush.

Crystal pillar candle holders are a great way to add vivacity to your wedding. Pillar candles are tall and robust and give a striking guise with a lasting burn. We have brought the best crystal pillar candle holder ideas to decorate your wedding tables and reception.

So, let’s dive in!

10 Best Crystal Pillar Candle Holder Ideas

1.  Colorful Taper Candles With Crystal Pillar Candle Holders

Take glass crystal pillar candle holders and colorful taper candles. Place a combo of colored candles on each table. It’s best to use five to seven candles on each table. It may seem challenging to you to choose a color combination for candles. But don’t worry. We’re here to help you out.

You can decide the candle’s color by checking out the venue’s colors. If the venue is warm, like brown and gold, go for smoother colors like lavender or peach. If the walls have cool colors like purples and blues, green or yellow would be a perfect combo. A lighter version of pink and purple produces an ambiance and draws attention.

The picture below shows you the art and warmth tapered candles give. 

Colorful Crystal Pillar Candle Holder

2.  Glam Glass Crystal Candelabra

If you are planning a glamorous wedding, glass crystal candelabra is a must-have option. For this, take thin and long candles and place them in the candelabra. You can use simple five-armed candelabras or other creatively designed candelabras to add allure to your wedding.

Adding tiny light bulbs in the room and floral arrangements on the table further enhance the aesthetics of your wedding and reception venue.

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Charming Crystal Pillar Candle Holder
Source: pinterest.com

3.  Gold Candelabra Candleholders

Gold candelabra candleholder is best if you want to organize a vintage-themed wedding. Take long, thick, or thin candles and place them in a five-armed gold candelabra. In addition, you can place flowers around the candelabra to give it a more artistic and colorful touch.

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Gold Candelabra Candleholders

4.  Black Taper Candles With Pillar Crystal Candle Holder

Black taper candles are classic items that never go out of style and are a reasonable way to add style and personality to your wedding.

Black candles add a classic look to your wedding and can be used in numerous ways to add an appealing look. You can style them from an all-black theme to a very minimal look. You can complement these candles with red roses or a white and black theme.

Black Crystal Black Pillar Candle Holder

5.  Crystal Pillar Candle Holders With Hanging Flowers

It’s not a hard and fast rule to always add flowers and greenery to the table. You can also hang florals from the ceiling, similar to a chandelier. It looks amazing and adds an artistic touch. Also, as a bonus, you get abundant space to cover tabletops with graceful pillar candles within crystal pillar candle holders.

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Crystal Pillar Candle Holder for Wedding
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6.  Taper And Pillar Candles’ Combination

If you think only taper or pillar candles give a flat look. You can add some creativity by adding a combination of taper candles and pillar candles. You can use taper candles of different colors with pillar candles and complement them with crystal pillar candle holders. You can create an even pattern of taper and pillar candles with particular candleholders, like candlesticks for taper candles and long candlesticks for pillar candles.

White Crystal Pillar Candle Holder
Source: brides.com

7.  Light The Way With Pillar Candles And Tea Candle Holders

It’s not the tabletop all the time that needs to be decorated. You can cast a creative view by putting candles on the stairs or the way. Use pillar candles in a tea candle holder to adorn the way to your wedding stage. Tea candle holders are a secure way to evade fire and other problems.

Crystal Pillar Candle Holder on Floor

8.  Crystal Pillar Candle Holder With A Wood Lantern Centerpiece

You can also decorate your wedding tabletop with a wood lantern centerpiece in the center of the table. Also, you can add some pillar candles around and within the lantern centerpiece. Adding some florals around this arrangement would enhance the ambiance.

Crystal Pillar Candle Holder With A Wood Lantern Centerpiece

9.  White Taper Candles On Crystal Pillar Candle Holder

White color has an association with virtue, innocence, and purity. Therefore, white taper candles are the best option if you want to add a minimalist and pure look to your wedding. You can use white taper candles with short crystal pillar candle holders.

White Taper Candles On Crystal Pillar Candle Holder

10.  Crystal Pillar Candle Holders With Florals

Adding florals to your wedding tablespace is remarkable. For this, place pillar candle holders in the center and arrange white and light pink flowers vase around them.

You can augment your tablespace with full-length florals around crystal pillar candle holders. Adding greenery garlands is another amazing way to add a creative look.

Glass Crystal Pillar Candle Holder

Tips About Using Candles On Your Wedding

Though candles add an amazing view and ambiance to your wedding, an open flame can lead to some accidents. So, here are a few tips to prevent mishaps at weddings:

  1. Use flameless candles, as some venues don’t support flamed candles.
  2. Try to use tea candle holders for flamed candles so they can’t catch fire.
  3. Keep candles a foot away from flammable items like flowers and clothing.
  4. Don’t use candles in high winds.
  5. Ensure candles are placed on strong and stable flat surfaces.

Final Words

Candles are a great way to light your wedding. You can use different kinds of candle holders and candles.

Crystal pillar candle holders are one of the amazing ways to add creativity and art to your wedding. Use these ideas mentioned above to decorate your wedding or reception and enjoy the ambiance. 

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