10 Amazon Best-Selling Candle Sconces To Dress Up Your Home

Are you bored looking at the empty corner wall of your living room? Do you need some inspiration for the ideas to decorate that wall? You can cover it with wallpaper, a keychain, or family photos. Another creative way is to mount candle sconces on your wall.

Candle sconces are always a creative and beautiful way to decorate a wall. You can place a real, scented, or artificial candle in it for a rustic look.

Here are some of the best candle scones you can check for the coming year.

1. Candle Sconces Wall Decor

The first candle sconces in our list are from Sziqiqi, famous for making different wall decorations. These gold candle sconces have a blend of vintage and modern design that looks impressive. The dual arrowheads on each side give it a bold look. In addition, its material is metal for durability.

Sziqiqi offers three colors in this candle scone, black, gold, and rose gold. The candle sconces wall décor is also foldable for easy access and space utilization.

You can use this candle sconce wall décor anywhere in your home. They look attractive in the dining room, on the porch or patio, and even in bathrooms. You can place electric or scented candles on the metal plate at the lower end.

2. Metal Candle Sconces for Tea Light

The black metal candle sconces by Sziqiqi are another simple yet elegant wall-hanging product. The metal frame of this candle sconce has a black coating to increase its durability. The design looks like a flower blooming from its base. The overall size of this black candle sconce is pretty reasonable. It looks lovely in the living room, bedroom, dining room, and porch.

The most prominent feature of this candle sconce is its glass holder. It provides a unique visual effect of flying glass, especially if you put a tea light or votive inside it. You can place indoor plants, like small cacti, inside the glass.

3. Metal Wall Sconce Candle Holder with Glass Cup

It has a simple geometric design in two colors, black and gold. The choice of material is, once again, metal for this candle sconce’s durability and long life. You can place this candle sconce in your bedroom, living room, patio, dining room, and bathroom.

The overall design of this metal wall candle sconce is pretty unique. You will notice two semi-circles at both ends with adjoining straight bars. In the middle, two semi-circles intersect a diamond shape. In addition, you will get a pair of glasses that can hold scented candles, tea-light, and electric candles.

4. Wall Candle Sconces Holder for Pillar Candles

The design of this wall candle holder is pretty straightforward, but it will elevate the looks of your wall. This rectangular candle sconce gives old-school vibes with a symmetric style. The pair of sconces come with candle holders, which can easily fit candles of any size. Although you can place it anywhere in your home, these metal sconces will look fabulous on the wall of your reading area.

These metal candle sconces are made from iron, making them a long-lasting product. In addition, the iron structure has anti-rust black paint, which provides better looks and safety for this product.

5. Wooden Candle Sconces

This is the only wooden candle sconce from Sziqiqi with traditional looks. The rectangular structure with beautiful engravings is identical to a wooden piece of art. Sziqiqi uses high-quality wood to make these sconces. In addition, the wood has a protective paint layer that ensures fire safety. For easy placement, you will find two wall-hanging hooks on the back of each candle sconce.

These candleholders are foldable up to 90° to prevent candles from falling.

Since these wooden candle sconces have an old-school look, they will look perfect above the table in your living room.

6. Wall Candle Sconce for Pillar Candles

These candle sconces by Sziqiqi are round, giving an attractive look to your wall. The inside design of these gold candle sconces is geometric with a minimalistic approach. This metal frame comes in three premium colors, black, gold, and rose gold.

The glossy finish of this candle sconce looks beautiful whenever you light a candle underneath it. The candle holders are metallic and can even hold a big candle.

Sziqiqi Tips

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7. Geometric Wall Candle Sconces

The geometric wall candle sconces by Sziqiqi have a unique design and look. These metal sconces give a 3-D effect if mounted together. You can get this in a pair of two or six from the company. 

The metal candle sconces are black with anti-rust properties and a metallic look. The candleholders are in the center, where you can place a scented candle or tea light.

8. Metal Candle Sconce with Glass Cups

These metal sconces are another simplistic design but look elegant. This candle sconce’s whole structure comprises a metal frame in a semi-circle form with a simple plate in the center. You will get two glasses in the package to put candles in them.

These sconces look sophisticated and ideal in your office or reading room.

9. Wall Candle Holders for Backyard

The big metal plate at the foot of this candle sconce can hold a big size candle. This simple and elegant style candle scone has numerous uses. You can fix it as side-wall lamps in your backyard. Alternatively, you can set them on your porch or hallway. Sziqiqi offers three color options in this candle scone, black, gold, and rose gold.

The whole structure of this candle sconce is solid and long-lasting.

10. Decorative Candle Sconces

The ending of this massive list of candle sconces needs to be bold and beautiful. That’s why we choose this decorative candle sconce with a unique vertical design and Persian-style artwork.

The metallic structure has black anti-rust paint to protect it from candle heat and other wear and tear. You can place candles of any size in this candleholder due to their big diameter.


Candle sconces can give your home or apartment a new and beautiful look. The above are best-selling candle sconces for the coming season.

Candle sconces are never out of style! They can perfectly fit every kind of home style, from modern to vintage, city apartments to farmhouses. There is always a corner in your home for candle sconces which can add a touch of warmth to your home.

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